5 Reasons to Move to Wellington

Are you contemplating a move to New Zealand’s capital city? Wellington is nestled between the stunning harbour and picturesque hills, it offers a lifestyle that seamlessly blends urban sophistication with natural beauty. Wellington beckons with its unique charm and an array of opportunities. If you’re still on the fence about relocating, here are five compelling reasons why Wellington, New Zealand should be your next destination.

  1. A Vibrant Cultural Scene:

Wellington boasts a vibrant cultural scene that punches well above its weight. From world-class museums and galleries to eclectic street art and live performances, the city pulsates with creativity at every turn. Te Papa Tongarewa, the national museum, is a treasure trove of New Zealand’s rich history and diverse culture, while the Wellington Museum offers captivating insights into the city’s maritime heritage. With numerous theaters, music venues, and festivals throughout the year, Wellington ensures there’s never a dull moment for culture enthusiasts.

  1. Culinary Delights:

Renowned as the culinary capital of New Zealand, the city boasts a thriving food scene that caters to every palate and preference. From award-winning restaurants and cozy cafes to bustling food markets, Wellington’s culinary landscape is as diverse as it is delicious. Indulge in fresh seafood delicacies at the waterfront or embark on a culinary adventure through the bustling streets of Cuba Mall. With an abundance of local produce and a passion for innovation, Wellington offers a dining experience that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds.

  1. Outdoor Adventures:

Nature lovers will find themselves in paradise amidst Wellington’s stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures. Surrounded by lush green hills and a rugged coastline, the city provides endless opportunities for exploration and recreation. Hike to the top of Mount Victoria for panoramic views of the harbour and city skyline, or cycle along the scenic waterfront promenade. With numerous parks, reserves, and nature trails within easy reach, Wellington invites you to embrace the great outdoors and embark on unforgettable adventures right on your doorstep.

  1. Thriving Economy:

Beyond its natural beauty and cultural offerings, Wellington boasts a thriving economy that’s ripe with opportunities across various sectors. As the political and administrative hub of New Zealand, the city is home to numerous government agencies, embassies, and multinational corporations. Additionally, Wellington has emerged as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a growing tech sector that’s attracting talent from around the globe. Whether you’re seeking career advancement or entrepreneurial ventures, Wellington offers a supportive ecosystem where you can thrive professionally.

  1. Sense of Community:

Last but certainly not least, Wellington exudes a palpable sense of community that’s both welcoming and inclusive. Despite its status as a capital city, Wellington retains a tight-knit community vibe where neighbours greet each other with a smile and strangers quickly become friends. From local events and neighbourhood gatherings to volunteer opportunities and social clubs, there are plenty of ways to connect with like-minded individuals and become part of the fabric of the city. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time resident, Wellington embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging that makes it feel like home.

Wellington offers a compelling blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, economic opportunities, and community spirit that makes it an ideal destination for anyone considering a move. This vibrant city captivates with its charm and beckons with promises of adventure and fulfilment. So why wait? Pack your bags, embrace the spirit of Wellington, and embark on a journey to a place you’ll be proud to call home.

If you are looking for a moving company for your upcoming relocation to Wellington we can help, and our team are ready. We’re New Zealand’s moving experts with over 40+ years experience and our team are passionate about moving! Request a free moving quote online or call us on: 0800 000 022

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Eco-Friendly Moving: How to Make Your Wellington Move Sustainable

As the world turns to greener policies, most of us do what we can to help the environment. Whether it’s little things like composting or only buying organic soaps, or big commitments like investing in solar panels or a zero-emission vehicle, every little thing counts and, together, we can work towards a healthier planet.

There’s no wonder that you’re wanting to make moving houses a sustainable operation. Moving homes has the potential to use an unnecessary amount of precious resources, which we want to keep to a minimum.

Here, New Zealand Movers tell us about eco-friendly moving in Wellington and how to make your moving experience more sustainable.

Choose a moving company with updated trucks

Choosing a moving company who updates their trucks is one way to make your Wellington move more sustainable. In 2018, 43% of New Zealand’s total CO2 emissions were caused by road transport, including light and heavy duty trucks. However, newer trucks can be far more fuel-efficient than old ones, having come a long way in fuel conservation.

Therefore, by choosing a moving company who invests in new trucks with less fuel consumption, you can make your Wellington move more sustainable. New Zealand Movers boast a fleet of new trucks with excellent fuel mileage, so you can get where you’re going in an eco-friendly way.

Recycled cardboard boxes

Using recycled cardboard boxes is another way to reduce your carbon footprint when moving in Wellington, making for an eco-friendly move. Recycling at home is one of the best things we can do for sustainability on an individual level. When you move, however, you’re likely to use a lot more resources than you normally would. New Zealand Movers use cardboard boxes that are recycled, so you can use them guilt-free.

Limiting the load

Limiting your load by getting rid of unwanted items before moving is another great commitment to a sustainable move in Wellington. The less you travel with, the less space you need, meaning you might only need a light truck rather than a full-size one which spares carbon emissions. We’re not saying you have to get rid of everything you own, but if there’s something like clothes or a piece of furniture you’re thinking of donating or selling, it’s worthwhile to do this before the move.

Donating unwanted goods to charities or placing them for sale on online marketplaces is a great way to limit your load for an eco-friendly move in Wellington.

New Zealand Movers is a team who prides itself on a commitment to sustainable moving practices. Not only this, but we’re Wellington’s best team of movers for local, inter-city or international moves. We have over 40 years’ experience in moving Kiwis across the island and across the world. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver a great moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.


Choosing the Best Movers in Wellington: Key Factors to Consider

Moving houses is a significant occasion, but with house moving in New Zealand at an all-time high, it can be difficult to find a high-quality moving team that has availability. Getting in early and booking a date is essential to securing excellent movers, with around 1000 moves taking place in New Zealand each day.

Choosing the best team of movers in Wellington depends on a range of key factors, from experience to skills to quotes. Here, we outline key factors to consider when choosing the best movers in Wellington:

Residential, commercial, or international?

When you’re choosing the best movers in Wellington, make sure to assess their skills and whether they’re qualified to handle your type of move. Whether you’re locally moving houses or businesses or, conducting an international move, your movers should be qualified to handle your move. New Zealand Movers offer international relocations, business relocations and house moving services too, as we’ve established a reputation for excellence in all three categories of moving.

An experienced team

Experience is something we should look for in all service providers, from movers to mechanics to hairdressers and more. An experienced moving team knows what they’re doing in terms of packing, storing, and unpacking your belongings.

This is because they’ve been professionally trained by a team who has had continual progress and experience in the industry. New Zealand Movers have over 40 years of experience in moving houses in Wellington and beyond, making us one of the country’s most experienced teams. Each of our employees possesses some of this passed-down wisdom which has seen our company thrive for four decades.

State-of-the-art storage

You never know when you might need somewhere secure to store extra belongings. This is where storage facilities in Wellington really come in handy. Storage facilities are guaranteed by the experienced moving team at New Zealand Movers. Our storage process is simple: we pack and store your belongings in our purpose built warehouse offering clean, dry and secure storage solutions covering either containers which can be loaded at your residence or purpose-built storage modules based on the volume being stored. When you’re ready we can deliver your household goods.

Reliable insurance

Unexpected moments do happen, so your house movers in Wellington should have comprehensive and transparent insurance policies. While we have an excellent track record, we do offer comprehensive insurance policies to give you complete comfort in choosing our services.

New Zealand Movers are Wellington’s best team of movers for local, inter-city or international moves. We have over 40 years’ experience in moving Kiwis across the island and across the world. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver a premium moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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What are the Best Suburbs in Wellington?

Known as one of the coolest capital cities in the world, there is no wonder people flock to live in Wellington. It’s important to choose a suburb that’s right for you, whether that means a family-friendly suburb, a trendy, vibrant suburb, or something completely different. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite suburbs in Wellington. This will get you one step closer to figuring out the best suburb in the nation’s capital for you. We’ll also let you know who to call if you’re thinking of moving there!

Te Aro

An inner-city suburb, Te Aro is one pocket of Wellington that simply oozes cool. It’s home to some of Wellington’s finest dining establishments, cafes, bars and entertainment venues. Cuba Street is one of the cutest streets in New Zealand, attracting visitors and locals who love to soak up the vibrant atmosphere. If you love experiencing great culinary culture, then Te Aro is one of the best suburbs in Wellington for you.


Miramar is one of Wellington’s best beachside suburbs. It’s got a super friendly village feel and is marked by the Peter Jackson cinema, The Roxy – an attractive, art deco cinema building. Being close to the beach is one of Miramar’s most desirable features, with many locals strolling to the beach from their homes on hot summer days.


One of the up-and-coming trendy areas of Welly is Newtown. It’s definitely one of the best suburbs in Wellington for young, creative people, or anyone who likes their suburbs with a bit of edge. Think vegetarian markets, a great community centre, op shops and heaps of cool cafes and bars. Newtown is a melting pot of people, making it one of our favourite suburbs in Wellington.


Located upon a beautiful hill is the great family suburb of Brooklyn. More and more families are flocking to Brooklyn for its spacious feel and green surroundings. It’s also in the vicinity of lovely entertainment venues like cinemas and great restaurants. Brooklyn is just a 10-minute bus ride from the city, making it an awesome place for convenience.

Mount Cook

A lovely residential area in Wellington. Mount Cook is a highly desirable location, with quiet streets and well-presented houses. Perfect for established families and anyone wanting to live in a quiet and safe part of Wellington.

The truth is, there are so many options when it comes to living in Wellington. We hope our list of best suburbs helps you in making a decision! If you’re ready to make the move, get in touch with the crew at New Zealand Movers. They’re one of the country’s finest moving teams, moving people like you to different suburbs of Wellington every day. For a reliable and affordable moving service, call up New Zealand Movers for a quote today on: 0800 000 022

What Are The Best Suburbs In Wellington

Five Reasons to Move to Wellington

It’s often dubbed as the coolest capital city in the world… what more do we have to say about beautiful little Wellington? Well, actually there’s a lot more we can say about it and, if you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand’s capital, we can give you plenty of reasons to do it. Let’s take a look at our top five reasons to move to Wellington and who to call if you’re interested in making the move.

1) Best city in the world?

Nope, it’s not just us who pose this question. Some organisations have rated Wellington the best city in the world when it comes to quality of life. It’s one of the cleanest and least polluted cities in the world. Not only this, but it’s also highly ranked for affordable power bills, cost of living and traffic – or lack of it!

2) Cultural paradise

Wellington is one of New Zealand’s cultural capitals. So many creative hubs are located within Wellington including the City Gallery, the national museum of Te Papa and the 100-year-old Opera House. These cultural establishments will be an integral part of becoming a sophisticated Wellingtonian.

3) Traffic? What’s that?

What’s one of the main reasons to move to Wellington? It’s just so easy to move around. No traffic jams, no bumper-to-bumper nightmares and no road rage. Great way to start and finish your day, right? Public transport is also far better in Wellington than basically anywhere else in New Zealand. Roughly 30 per cent of people in Wellington use public transport to get to work. You’ve got great options, including buses, trains, ferries and the cable car.

4) Cafes for days

Wellington isn’t just a cultural capital: it’s also a culinary capital! With bars and restaurants literally everywhere, it’s rumoured to have more eating establishments per capita than New York City! Whether this is true or not, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll always find somewhere cosy and hip to spend lunchtime, dinnertime or knockoffs in Wellington. As a cultural melting pot, there are plenty of cuisines to choose from.

5) Jobs galore

Worried about finding a job in your new city? You won’t have that problem if you move to Wellington. Tourism and technology are two industries that play a large role in the booming job market, so if that’s your niche, then Wellington could be your place to be.

If you’re ready to make the move to Wellington, then it’s time to get in touch with New Zealand’s best moving team: New Zealand Movers! They’re expert movers who are trained in intercity moves, handling all of your belongings with the utmost care and giving you a stress-free moving experience at an affordable price. Contact New Zealand Movers for a chat and a quote today!

Five Reasons To Move To Wellington