Complete Your Stress-Free Downsizing Move With These 4 Simple Tips

Downsizing to a smaller home starts with getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. Most households have a few items such as furniture, sports equipment, clothing and appliances that are rarely, if not never used. Don’t choose a company that can’t offer you storage facilities. It’ll work out more expensive and less convenient when you go through two different companies for moving and storage.

5 Reasons To Move To The UK

For workers in retail, hospitality, healthcare and many other industries, working holidays are an option in the UK. There’s a serious shortage of workers across a range of industries in the UK. From care facility managers to chemical scientists, the UK is in desperate need of your help.

5 Reasons To Move To The USA

Depending on your field, there may be many more jobs for you in the US than there are in New Zealand. Arts, media and entertainment have always had strong job markets in the USA, where New Zealand and Australia are lacking in comparison. While New Zealand has a median home price of NZ$850,000, the USA’s median home price is far lower at US$374,900 (roughly $572,000 in New Zealand dollars)

Moving to Europe Top 5 Destinations

It’s almost a rite of passage for us Kiwis to spend some time working and living in London, so why not start today by giving the team at New Zealand Movers a call to discuss your plans. Artsy, hip and incredibly unique: you simply have to consider Berlin if you’re thinking of moving to Europe.

Tips To Prepare For A Long Distance Move

Do your research on how achievable it is to find work in your industry wherever your moving to. Research the city where you’re moving to and get an idea of which suburbs suit you, based on the aspects of your work, family life (if you have a family) and cost of living. Always choose a professional moving team who’s experienced in moving people long distance.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers In Wellington

No matter what city you’re moving to, the amount of stuff you have will impact the total cost of the move. Moving in Wellington is no different: the more stuff you have, the more it will cost to hire movers.
Usually, it works out cheaper to plan ahead when you’re moving in Wellington – but sometimes, you can’t avoid a last-minute move due to finding a new job, a new rental home, etc.

Moving Tips From The Experts Themselves!

One of the most important tips we can give you is to be not only on schedule, but ahead of schedule. It’s best to choose a great value moving team: one that offers the best work for the best price.

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Moving Into A Rental

Location is such a huge part of moving into a rental.
You may really like a certain rental property, based on its location, its looks, or any other aspect about it. But does it suit your needs appropriately? And last, but not least, choose the right moving company! You need a team of movers who are dedicated, reputable and have loads of experience.

How Long Before A Move Should I Contact A Moving Company?

Aim to book your moving company roughly 6 weeks before the big day. This way, you avoid disappointment and have many more options for top quality moving companies. When moving internationally, book your moving company around 12 weeks in advance.

5 Reasons To Move To Australia

Work is the number one reason why Kiwis move to Australia. There are bigger cities with more demand for a range of positions than here in New Zealand. Australia is the ideal place for raising a family. Green parks for playing in, beaches for swimming in, great schools (both public and private), and safe, community-based neighbourhoods to raise a family in.

What Is The Best Area To Live In Christchurch?

Fendalton is one of the most affluent suburbs in Christchurch, located just minutes from the CBD and full of beautiful, old character homes. Merivale is another top suburb that must make our list. Another of Christchurch’s most affluent suburbs, Merivale has some of the best schools in Christchurch.

Smooth Moves During Rainy Weather

One thing that many homeowners stress about when moving in rainy weather is their home getting messy.
This is something that simply won’t happen with New Zealand Movers. Waterproof tarps are often employed when it’s raining outside. These large, plastic coverings are big enough for any couch or table, ensuring that not a drop of rain affects your furniture.

Luxury Property Movers Auckland

If you’re moving in or out of a luxury property, you don’t want just any regular team of movers to do the job. Instead, you need a premium team of movers who can specialise in luxury homes, treating your belongings with the utmost care. Here’s why New Zealand Movers are your go-to team for luxury properties in Auckland.

Top 3 Tips For Millennials On The Move

If you’re a millennial and moving for the first, second or third time, here’s how to absolutely nail your moving experience. Distance from your location to your place of work is one of the most important considerations. If your dream suburb is a 1.5-hour drive in peak hour traffic, maybe it’s best to choose somewhere a little closer.

How To Move Overseas With Confidence

New cities, new people, a new job and possibly a new language: Though you’re super excited, you may be feeling overwhelmed about moving overseas. Much of your confidence about moving overseas depends on the moving team you hire to get you there. That’s why you should look no further than New Zealand Movers.

5 Best Cities In NZ To Move To For Apartment Living

As New Zealand’s biggest city by far, Auckland tops our list for apartment living. Apartments are abundant in Auckland, with the most popular spots being the CBD and nearby neighbourhoods like Parnell and Ponsonby.

Moving To London

London is a big place, and the job market is booming, there’s a high demand for workers in retail, healthcare, education, science, technology, engineering, creative studies and hospitality. Families who move to London enjoy greater job opportunities, fantastic educational facilities and a high quality of life.

The Best Neighbourhoods In Wellington For Young Professionals

One of the best neighbourhoods for young professionals is Te Aro. It’s got all the features of a vibrant, happening suburb: hip cafes that serve amazing coffee, upmarket restaurants, sprawling bars and lots of people.

5 Reasons To Move To Otago

Otago is basically synonymous with ‘fantastic education’. The facilities in Otago are some of the world’s best for education: The University of Otago, in Dunedin, consistently ranks within the top 1% of universities in the world.

5 Reasons To Move To Canterbury

The city of Christchurch has quickly set about rebuilding itself, with plenty of work to be done in the fields of construction, IT, retail and hospitality. No matter what field you’re in, there’s a place for you in New Zealand’s second biggest city.

Pet Relocations

Taking your pet overseas can seem like a very stressful task. Luckily, the team at New Zealand Movers are experts in international pet relocation. The first step is to give them a call. They’ll talk you through the entire process, necessary paperwork and explain the operations of their trusted partners in international pet travel.

How Long Should It Take To Move House

The bigger your house is, the more possessions you have and the more time it will take to move everything. Families of four and more usually take a few hours to move all their stuff. Your moving team should allocate the whole day to moving your belongings.

5 Reasons To Move To Auckland’s North Shore

Two of Auckland’s most sough-after suburbs Takapuna and Devonport, known for their beaches, community feel, upmarket retail and café scene are located on the North Shore about 20 minutes from the city centre. A little further north, you have the suburbs of Rosedale and Albany which present perfect options for family life.

5 Reasons To Move To Parnell

Parnell is the Beverly Hills of Auckland. As Auckland’s oldest suburb it’s home to some of New Zealand’s finest examples of domestic architecture – large estates, Edwardian town houses and 1920s bay villas are all part of the architectural delight that characterises Parnell.

Five Reasons to Move to Asia

Feel like wandering the crowded streets of Shinjuku on your lunch break? What about climbing the Great Wall of China on your day off? Or visiting the Taj Mahal when you get the chance? Sounds like you’re ready to make the move to the world’s largest and most populous continent: Asia! There are about a [...]

Moving into an Apartment Checklist

There are so many benefits of living in an apartment, rather than a unit, townhouse or house. Firstly, you’ve got less space, so it’s much easier to work with what you’ve got and make your apartment look fab. Secondly, they’re so much easier to keep clean! And thirdly, you get a true sense of living [...]

5 Reasons to Move to the USA

The flashing lights of Broadway, golden Venice Beach, the Hollywood sign calling your name – it’s a party in the USA! What can we say about the third largest country on Earth? With over 330 million people, there’s never a dull moment when you move to America. Thousands of cities, millions of people and opportunities [...]

5 Tips for Planning Your Move

Planning is the key to success, and it’s applicable to most things in life – including such an important life decision like moving houses. If you don’t succeed in planning your move, then it’s impossible for your moving experience to be successful either. So, to avoid a stressful move, here are 5 tips you need [...]

What Is the Best Area to Live in Dunedin?

Scottish architecture, vibrant entertainment strips with bars and cafes, universities galore: Dunedin is the perfect place for students, couples, professionals and families. Whether you’re planning to move to Dunedin as a student embarking on an educational journey, or a family who want to soak up the fresh air and culture, Dunedin is a perfect place [...]

What Is the Best Area to Live in Queenstown?

Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand; if not the entire Southern Hemisphere, with hiking tracks, cycling tracks and plenty of water sports available. This picturesque little town, nestled beneath the Southern Alps, is one of the country’s biggest tourist hotspots – but it’s not only popular with tourists. Locals are proud to call [...]

Five Tips for Moving Day

Moving day should be one of the most exciting days of the year. But if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, it can also be one of the most stressful days of the year. There are so many things to take care of, which is why it’s imperative to have a highly skilled, professional moving [...]

What Is the Best Area to Live in Nelson?

There’s so much to love about the oldest city on the South Island – Nelson. An incredibly hip and vibrant place, Nelson hosts the annual Nelson Arts Festival along with the World of Wearable Art, on top of a collection of classic cars. It’s far from one of New Zealand’s largest cities, weighing in at [...]

Best Tips for Planning a Move Over the Holidays

Everyone loves the holiday season. It’s a time for celebrating, drinking good wine, eating good food and being with friends and family. But aside from these things to look forward to, the holiday season can get more complicated when you have to move houses. It’s not impossible, and if you choose the right moving team [...]

5 Reasons to Move to the UK

Moving to the UK is one of the best things you can do for your professional and personal life. With plenty of job opportunities, friendly people and room for growth, the UK is where many good professionals become great professionals. And with so many Kiwis moving to the UK, you’re certainly not the only one [...]

What Is the Best Area to Live in Hawke’s Bay?

The Hawke’s Bay area is one of the many hidden jewels of New Zealand. It’s all about award-winning wineries, beautiful architecture, outdoorsy lifestyle and homely vibe. It’s just rural enough for you to feel like you’re a world apart, and yet close enough to big cities if you need them. Considering moving to the Hawke’s [...]

How to Pack for Your First Move

Your first move is something you never forget. It’s like having your first kiss, owning your first car and going on your first holiday independently. If this is your first time moving, you’re probably feeling excited, nervous, and possibly a little flustered. After all, it’s something you’ve never done before and it’s important to get [...]

4 Top Family Neighbourhoods in Auckland

Auckland is a big city with a big, beating heart. Home to 1.6 million people and counting, there seems to be a massive gravitational pull towards Auckland, drawing in people from all over the globe. The city of sails is one of the world’s most liveable cities, there’s no doubt that it’s a great place [...]

How to Unpack Your Boxes Quickly After Moving

So, you’ve just moved to your new place. You’re feeling fresh, vibrant… and incredibly reluctant to start unpacking, after you’ve just spent weeks and weeks planning and preparing the move! We understand unpacking all of your boxes is a daunting task – but if you don’t tackle them sooner rather than later, they could end [...]

What are the Best Suburbs in Dunedin?

It’s a city that’s known for its Scottish roots, creative vibe and universities: Dunedin is one of the South Island’s biggest gems. There’s no wonder why you’d want to move there – a beautiful, eco-friendly city with a progressive air, paired with affordable housing… it sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s get down [...]

Essential Moving Day Tips Covered

Unless you want to be without your water bottle, snacks and medication on moving day (this is a recipe for disaster), you’ll need to remember to pack an essentials bag to keep with you during the move. It’s easy to forget, and to just pack everything into the moving truck. But when you start forgetting [...]

Five Questions to Ask your Moving Company

It pays to make sure you’re on the same page as your moving company, so that you end up with a team of movers who understand your needs and strive to make the moving experience seamless. The way we guarantee our movers are on the same page is by asking them the hard-hitting questions! Let’s [...]

How Does Moving Insurance Work?

It may not be one of the most exciting things to read about on your weeknight or Saturday morning, but its importance goes without saying: moving insurance. If you’re moving to your dream home in the near future and want to make sure your stuff is safe and sound during the move, you’ll want to [...]

The Best Way to Move Your Treasured Possessions

Everybody has their treasured possessions. A piece of jewellery, given to us by a loved one. A photo album. A memento from a holiday you took to a far-away place. And when it comes to moving your treasured possessions, to a new home, you want to make sure they get there safely. So, what is [...]

What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

Moving may seem easy enough, but the truth is, it’s half art-form, half science. Everybody knows what they should pack when they need to move. But what about the things you shouldn’t pack yourself when moving? This can be a tricky thing to work out, so we’ll go through some things you should not pack [...]

What Should I Do a Week Before Moving?

What does moving mean to you? Does it imply joy, excitement, anticipation? Or is it stress, confusion and anxiety? The best way to enjoy your moving experience, and to not experience any unpleasant feelings, is to be prepared. And by reading this post, you’re already on your way to being well-prepared for your move. Today, [...]

What is the Best Day of the Week to Move House?

Moving house is a big step in your life, so you want to make sure you’ve planned it properly. Choosing which day of the week you’re going to move house is an important part of getting everything right. There are a couple of things to weigh up when choosing your moving day, such as convenience, [...]

What are the Best Suburbs in Wellington?

Known as one of the coolest capital cities in the world, there is no wonder people flock to live in Wellington. It’s important to choose a suburb that’s right for you, whether that means a family-friendly suburb, a trendy, vibrant suburb, or something completely different. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite [...]

What are the Best Suburbs in Christchurch?

It’s the largest city on the South Island, and there’s a heck of a lot of reasons to call it home: Christchurch. This small but mighty city has a spirit like no other, making it a truly special and unique place. So, if you were going to move to Christchurch, where would you hang your [...]

What are the Best Suburbs in Auckland?

Living in a nice part of any city is so important. Whether you’re after a family-friendly suburb with space for the kids to run around, or cosmopolitan living and being close to bars and restaurants, Auckland can support all sorts of different lifestyles. So, what are the best suburbs in Auckland? Let’s go through a [...]

How to Move House on a Budget

Moving house is one of those exciting things that usually only happens a few times in our lives. While it’s definitely an experience that will bring us joy and a positive mindset, it’s also something that will cost us money. So, how can we move houses when we have a budget to stick to? There [...]

Five Reasons to Move to Wellington

It’s often dubbed as the coolest capital city in the world… what more do we have to say about beautiful little Wellington? Well, actually there’s a lot more we can say about it and, if you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand’s capital, we can give you plenty of reasons to do it. Let’s take [...]

Five Reasons to Move to Dunedin

There aren’t many cities in the world that are as stunning or interesting as Dunedin. With its breathtaking architecture, creative and lively atmosphere and natural surroundings, Dunedin has something for everybody. If you’re still not convinced, however, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll look at some of our top reasons to call Dunedin [...]

Five Reasons to Move to Christchurch

It’s a city of nature, culture and incredible spirit. There are hundreds of reasons to make the move to Christchurch. As the largest city on the South Island, you can live a North Island lifestyle without the North Island price tag. A modern, progressive city, people in Christchurch enjoy great food and drink while being [...]

Five Reasons to Move to Auckland

As New Zealand’s biggest city, there’s got to be a reason why so many people are drawn to Auckland. Whether it’s the great lifestyle, education opportunities or warmer weather, you’ll find there are a myriad of reasons to move to Auckland. In this post, we’ll tell you our top five reasons for making the move [...]

Will Movers Take Apart Your Bed?

We can guarantee that the day you bought your bed and set it up after hours of figuring it out, you were celebrating like you’d just won a Grand Slam. Champagne was flowing, a victory speech was given, and tears of joy were cried all round. We can also guarantee that, in that moment, the [...]

Will Movers Move Suitcases?

If you’re moving to a new house, you’re probably wondering how the heck you’re going to pack your stuff in the most efficient way possible. You’ll have a ton of plastic boxes, cardboard boxes and proper packing materials. But what about suitcases? They seem like a perfect way to make use of dead space in [...]

Will Movers Move a Treadmill?

Exercise is a big part of daily life. It keeps us looking good and, more importantly, makes us feel good… most of the time. Exercise equipment at home and home gyms have taken off over the last few years, due to how accessible and affordable home gym equipment has become. But if it’s time to [...]

Why Hire Movers?

Moving represents a new part of your life that’s just about to begin. This can be exciting and fun, but it can also mean a lot of pressure and therefore stress. Most people have a lot of stuff: more than what a few mates or family members can tackle in a day. There are a [...]

Which Packers and Movers Are Good?

In Hollywood movies, moving houses is always made to look so easy. The packers and movers arrive, they’ve got great big smiles on their faces, they take care of everything and then they scoot off, never to be seen again. While moving in real life can look like this, you’ve got to pick the right [...]

When Movers Pack for You

Deciding to go with a full service move, which is when movers pack for you, is a great idea if you want a smooth, timely moving experience. They bring the boxes and packing materials, carefully pack all of your belongings, load them into the truck, and get them to wherever they need to go. Easy [...]

Movers Who Pack and Store

It’s true: moving isn’t as simple as it seems. At first, you think that your move will entail simply throwing a sofa and a mattress into the back of a van and unloading it at your new place. Bob’s your uncle. Then you realise that every single one of your belongings needs to be packed. [...]

Movers: What to Expect?

Maybe you’ve never moved homes before or never hired professional movers to do the job for you. If that’s the case, first of all: congrats and welcome to the party! And second of all: you’ve probably got a few queries on your mind. How does it work? And what can I expect from a moving [...]

How Much Do Movers Cost?

Movers: how much does it cost? Hiring movers is one of the first steps of moving to a new place and beginning the exciting next chapter of your life. Most people have a fair bit of stuff and require movers to help them transport it all. Of course, one question is probably at the forefront [...]

Can Movers Store Your Stuff?

You’ve got a heap of stuff to move from your old house to your new house. Most of it will fit in the new house, but if some of it won’t and you don’t want to get rid of it, then what the heck are you supposed to do with it? You could be the [...]

Can Movers Pack for You?

Though it can be stressful, moving is an exciting and fast-paced time in our lives. It represents the closing of one chapter in our life and the opening of another. A new street, a new neighbourhood, new neighbours and maybe even a new country! But although it’s a rewarding experience, there’s one aspect of moving [...]

Can Movers Disassemble Furniture?

There are many instances in which you can’t disassemble furniture yourself before moving houses. You could be strapped for time, with work and other commitments getting in the way of disassembling your belongings. You could have a disability or medical condition which prevents you from moving heavy objects. Or, you might just be uncomfortable with [...]

Can Movers Hold Our Stuff?

When you are moving over long distances and your belongings won’t make it to your new home on the same day, consider putting your belongings in storage. It shouldn’t be a problem for movers to hold on to your stuff, in fact, it could be considered the norm. Many people move long distances, move to [...]

Movers and Packers in Auckland

If you’re looking for movers and packers in Auckland, you need to remember they aren’t all created equal. Finding the best movers and packers in Auckland means doing a bit of research. Finding the right company can be tricky, which is why we’ve made this handy guide to point you in the right direction and [...]

When Do Movers Start Charging?

With all the planning of moving to a new house, we may forget that we also have to hire movers. And the costs of moving quickly add up, which is why it's imperative to keep tabs at every turn. You need to know when movers start charging, when your last payment is expected, and what [...]

Movers for Small Moves

Moving isn’t always a gigantic effort. Sometimes, people moving their homes aren’t taking too much with them. Those moving far away, moving from a small home or apartment or people who have said goodbye to their old furniture and make a fresh start don’t need a huge truck and a ten-person team for the job. [...]

Are Movers Required to Wear Masks?

Moving houses during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a tough task to navigate. It’s brought a whole bunch of new rules into our lives. One of the most obvious? Face masks. Depending on where you live and what you do for work, they’ve drifted in and out of our lives over the past year: like [...]

Can Movers Work in the Rain?

No one plans to move in the rain but in New Zealand, you might not be able to avoid it. The land of four seasons in one day is full of surprises and along with its beauty comes weather patterns which aren’t always predictable. Rain can turn up uninvited on moving day, but professional movers [...]

What Movers Want You to Know

Professional moving companies take their work seriously because not only is our reputation at stake, so are your treasured belongings. Movers want you to know that to ensure that everything goes smoothly, we can plan all the details in advance, and we appreciate your help in doing that. This way, your belongings are safe, and your [...]

Will Movers Move Plants?

If you have plants which are rare and treasured, you’re not alone. The thought of moving your pot plants or garden plants may be especially concerning, but it’s not impossible. While there are many movers that will move plants, there are also many that will not. Plants are much lower maintenance than pets, but they are [...]

Will Movers Pack for You?

Great news! There are a lot of movers who will pack for you. Choosing a moving company that will pack for you will ease the stress of moving. This way, you are free to iron out other essential details and focus on your new home or business premises. Professional packers know how to protect your belongings and [...]

Are Movers Responsible for Damage?

It’s essential to consider what might happen in the event that your belongings are damaged during the course for your move. Are movers responsible for damage? The short answer is sometimes. The next most important question is how to protect yourself from incurring financial loss through damage to your belongings. Professional movers take pride in [...]

Are Movers Essential Workers?

The word ‘essential’ is one of those words that 2020 has got hold of and simply won’t let go. It’s basically the modern equivalent of 2010’s ‘awesomesauce’. Thankfully, that’s over, right? It’s been the year of essential work, essential travel and essential activity and, essentially, we’re probably all a bit tired of the term. If [...]

Movers Who Pack for You

There are heaps of professional movers who can pack your belongings for you. Some are unable to take on the responsibility, but those who are, are adept at the art of packing in such a way as to mitigate the risk of damage or loss. They know that by taking on a task which may [...]

How Movers Wrap Furniture

When we think about moving our furniture, the logistics immediately pop into our heads. Getting that couch down the stairs, that dining room table out the front door… and then comes the thought of scratches, dents, or scuffs. Before you gasp and vow to never move house, take a moment to think about getting a [...]

Are Movers Worth It?

It’s not unusual for people to shy away from moving for the simple reason that it’s one of the most stressful things you can do. The thing is, movers simplify and speed up the process greatly. So, when people ask are movers worth it, we say yes, every time. Even if you’re only moving a [...]

Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

When it comes to moving houses, there’s always one question which never seems to be answered, once and for all: should you move on a weekday or a weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place – because that’s what we’re going to answer today. Both options have their benefits. In short, it’s a trade-off. [...]

Where is the best place in New Zealand to retire?

People have been moving out of Auckland to retire for decades. Wanting to get more for their money house wise, better lifestyle and quality of life. Whatever your plans are for 2018, let us remove the stress from your next move. Read full articles below: Where is the best place in New Zealand to retire? [...]

What’s Happening in NZ’s Property Market?

Thinking about moving out of Auckland? Want to buy your own home? What's going to happen in the rental market? Thinking about buying a property and business? What ever your doing let us help you remove the stress from your move. Read full articles below: Quiet January for Auckland's biggest realtor, as Barfoot data shows [...]

Property crisis: 1 in 3 have looked at leaving Auckland

A third of Aucklanders have considered moving out of the city as it becomes increasingly unaffordable, a new survey reveals. Experts say the trend could leave the city short of workers such as teachers, nurses and police who can earn similar salaries in more affordable cities. A poll conducted for website The Spinoff by research company SSI [...]

Tenfold increase in interest from Brits wanting to move to New Zealand since Brexit referendum

In 49 days after the vote, there were 10,647 registrations from the UK compared with 4599 over the same period last year. More than 10,500 registrations from people considering moving here from Britain have been lodged with Immigration New Zealand since the Brexit vote. The agency's deputy chief executive, Nigel Bickle, said interest from UK [...]

Are movers and packers working right now?

COVID-19 has brought some big changes to our lives. Working, socialising and, thankfully, keeping a few extra metres away from that one bloke on the bus who really needs a Lynx Africa pack this Christmas. But if you’re moving houses, then that brings a whole other range of questions to which you’re probably itching to [...]

Will Movers Take Apart Furniture?

Moving house requires so much planning! Luckily, the right moving company really takes the hassle and the stress out of the whole drudgery. The best way to begin the process is by starting a list. Consider whether you need your movers to pack your furniture. Do you need them to unpack your furniture? Do you want [...]

What Do Movers Charge?

There are a heap of expenses involved in moving house. Before you book your mover, there is a lot to consider. Getting full and thorough quote(s) will help you plan your move and to make an informed decision. Finding out what movers charge takes a bit of time, but it’s essential if you want to [...]

Will Movers Move Things Not in Boxes?

It’s tempting to just keep the difficult to wrap and pack items aside and forgo the boxes, but it’s unlikely to work out too well. If you want to know whether movers will move things that are not in boxes, the answer is not normally. Some moving companies have strict policies regarding the removal of loose [...]