As the world turns to greener policies, most of us do what we can to help the environment. Whether it’s little things like composting or only buying organic soaps, or big commitments like investing in solar panels or a zero-emission vehicle, every little thing counts and, together, we can work towards a healthier planet.

There’s no wonder that you’re wanting to make moving houses a sustainable operation. Moving homes has the potential to use an unnecessary amount of precious resources, which we want to keep to a minimum.

Here, New Zealand Movers tell us about eco-friendly moving in Wellington and how to make your moving experience more sustainable.

Choose a moving company with updated trucks

Choosing a moving company who updates their trucks is one way to make your Wellington move more sustainable. In 2018, 43% of New Zealand’s total CO2 emissions were caused by road transport, including light and heavy duty trucks. However, newer trucks can be far more fuel-efficient than old ones, having come a long way in fuel conservation.

Therefore, by choosing a moving company who invests in new trucks with less fuel consumption, you can make your Wellington move more sustainable. New Zealand Movers boast a fleet of new trucks with excellent fuel mileage, so you can get where you’re going in an eco-friendly way.

Recycled cardboard boxes

Using recycled cardboard boxes is another way to reduce your carbon footprint when moving in Wellington, making for an eco-friendly move. Recycling at home is one of the best things we can do for sustainability on an individual level. When you move, however, you’re likely to use a lot more resources than you normally would. New Zealand Movers use cardboard boxes that are recycled, so you can use them guilt-free.

Limiting the load

Limiting your load by getting rid of unwanted items before moving is another great commitment to a sustainable move in Wellington. The less you travel with, the less space you need, meaning you might only need a light truck rather than a full-size one which spares carbon emissions. We’re not saying you have to get rid of everything you own, but if there’s something like clothes or a piece of furniture you’re thinking of donating or selling, it’s worthwhile to do this before the move.

Donating unwanted goods to charities or placing them for sale on online marketplaces is a great way to limit your load for an eco-friendly move in Wellington.

New Zealand Movers is a team who prides itself on a commitment to sustainable moving practices. Not only this, but we’re Wellington’s best team of movers for local, inter-city or international moves. We have over 40 years’ experience in moving Kiwis across the island and across the world. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver a great moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.