Moving Apartments?

You only need to look across the skyline to see that inner city and lifestyle apartment living is a growing part of our culture and solution to New Zealand’s housing shortage.

If you are planning an apartment move it’s important to understand that these moves are not straightforward. They can be both complex and stressful, depending on the building type and location.

Apartment Moving

Apartment Moves Can be Tough!

Apartment moving offers a variety of challenges that a typical residential move just doesn’t have. The first thing that must be done is to work with the building manager to reserve parking, loading docks and elevator access. These should be discussed in detail with your movers to ensure things go smoothly on moving day.

For your moving company the stairs, tight corners and building rules can be challenging. There may be parking issues both in and around the apartment complex. Many complexes will restrict the use of elevators to certain times and set time limits when movers are allowed in the building. Not having enough staff on moving day can bring everything to a standstill. There are a lot of moving parts to an apartment move so it’s important to choose your mover wisely.

Moving Apartments with New Zealand Movers

At New Zealand Movers we specialise in full-service apartment relocations for customers looking to move long distance or internationally. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to make your apartment move in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin a success.

Some of the additional moving services we can provide for a successful apartment move;

  • On moving out day you will generally need more movers than a standard residential move. These ‘extras’ are needed to meet strict timelines and ensure the safety of personal effects at street level, lift entrances and in the apartment itself.
  • Options for the crating and international wrapping of furniture and high value items. Typically, there is additional handling during an apartment move, hence the need for more protection.
  • Depending on the situation our crews may pad and protect the elevators, hallways, and corridors. There should be no possibility of expensive damage to the apartment building.
  • For a difficult access we have smaller removal trucks to get into loading bays or park at street level, without disrupting traffic or the tenants. For large moves we ‘ferry’ the contents through to our warehouse or into a larger vehicle, parked elsewhere.
  • The flexibility to move at specific times, Saturdays or off hours, in the event the landlord or body corporate has certain rules on move out or move in times.
  • The correct tools to disassemble awkward items so they can fit around corners, through hallways, into the lift or down stairwells.
  • Experienced removalists who know how to handle high value furniture.
  • The idea is to mitigate the risk of damaging both the furniture and the apartment complex.
  • Experience staff who can co-ordinate and manage the craning of furniture out of high-rise apartments, when the elevators and stairs are not accessible or suitable.
  • For apartment deliveries we recommend a full unpack option. After the move there will be cartons, used tape and packing materials that needs disposing of. This can be cumbersome in an apartment complex. Our crew can deliver, unpack and take away the majority of the debris, all during the same visit.

We hope you have found this information useful. New Zealand Movers have the skills, equipment and experience to make your forthcoming apartment move a success. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quotation. We look forward to providing our trusted services.

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