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At New Zealand Movers we’ve been moving families to, from, and within New Zealand for over 40 years.  Over that time we have learned a thing or two.  Most importantly, perhaps, is that moving home is not just about moving furniture, it’s about people. We are proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated so we know how New Zealanders think, we understand what matters to them.

We have four nationwide branches with excellent facilities and a reliable fleet of specialist vehicles that are equipped with Navman Wireless GPS so you will always know where your things are.

More importantly, our experienced staff have unrivaled industry knowledge and use the most advanced industry technology available, Moveware, to manage your move from start to finish.  Our road crews have the ability to expertly pack, list, transport, store, and valet-unpack your personal, household, and business effects within Auckland, across the islands or, through our global network of trusted partners, across continents.

Moving doesn’t need to be stressful, if it’s done right. Even highly fragile or valuable items can be protected if you have the right know-how.  We can take care of everything for you or, if you’d rather do some of the work yourself, such as packing personal or specialist items, that’s OK too.  To find out more, contact any of our specialist consultants for a virtual online home survey, to find out exactly how we do things. Or if you’d like to get a quick quote, simply fill out our 60 Second Fast Quote questionnaire. We’ll take it from there.

Expert Moving Services at Your Fingertips

Whether moving to a new house or new office, with New Zealand Movers you can tailor the moving service to suit your precise needs. Choose from our expert packing, cleaning, and valet-unpacking services, and select the security, storage and insurance package that best suits your needs.

Moving Insurance Cover

You should always insure your goods against loss or damage in transit.  Even though accidents are unlikely, it makes sense to be covered, just in case. Our comprehensive insurance cover is underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited, one of NZ most respected insurance providers. Included separately with every quote is a clear and brief Vero marine insurance policy that provides all the essential information and gives you a range of clear pricing options.

Security and Storage

There are many reasons you may need competitively priced storage: perhaps you are building a new home, working with an overseas employer, or have a last-minute change of travel plans.

Auckland Storage Solutions

Short, medium, and long-term storage is available to you at New Zealand Movers Auckland or any of our New Zealand centres, or through our overseas partners if necessary. Our newly-designed and purpose-built facilities are  monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are bonded by the New Zealand Customs and Quarantine Services.

Packing for those Really Tricky Things

Some things in every household are tricky to transport. It might be because they are very fragile, valuable, of sentimental value, or maybe all three. All our packers are trained to handle these things using specialised packing techniques and tailor-made packing materials. For example, our tube packing for crystal stemware makes sure you have something to toast your new house with when you arrive; our port-a-robes prevents your clothes from being creased on the journey; mirrors and paintings, even those with delicate gilt frames, are protected using Tuff Wrap and special picture cartons; beds, mattresses and polished furniture have special packing too; and even white goods are given extra protection.

As we pack we’ll create a detailed inventory (essential for export) for you which means we can track each piece along the way.

Throughout all this, we don’t forget the environment.  We recycle and reuse whenever possible and all the new materials we use are recyclable. All our long-distance vehicles are fitted with aerofoils to reduce drag, improve fuel consumption and help reduce our use of fossil fuels.

Pets, Cars, Money Transfers and Cleaning

Pets are important too.  Even if you are moving within New Zealand it’s important that they are looked after along the way.  If you are moving abroad, Fido and Tiddles are going to need some specialist care.  Our dedicated pet air freight service can have your best friend with you in your new home in a few days with all the health and import regulations completed in accordance with the rules.

You might want to take your car, motorcycle, boat or jet ski too.  That’s OK but the regulations for importing these things are different in each country so we’ll help you understand the rules and decide whether it makes sense to take them with you.

Moving money abroad can be expensive but we can take care of that too through our Foreign Exchange partners, with no fees and very attractive rates of exchange.

Nobody likes cleaning the house, especially if you’ve just moved out.  So why not choose our turn-key service and let us clean the place after you leave, particularly important if it’s a rented property, and spruce up your new home before you move in.  Add on our valet unpacking service, so we can unpack everything for you and set up your new home just as you like it, and you have the ultimate, hassle-fee move.  Perfect!

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