Moving House Checklist

Moving soon and don’t know where to start? Our Pre Move Checklist will help you prepare for your upcoming relocation and provide some handy hints. You can tick off tasks completed, and see at a glance what is outstanding in the countdown to your move day.

Moving House Six weeks before your move

  • Confirm your removal date and return completed forms to New Zealand Movers.
  • Moving with pets? Get in touch with New Zealand Movers to arrange this.
  • Spring clean! Give away or dispose of any unwanted items, don’t take up extra space on moving day.
  • Start researching schools in your new location.
Pre Move Checklist

Nzmovers Icon Truck Three weeks before your move

  • Return any borrowed items and pick up items on loan.
  • Purge gas bottles.
  • Do you need an exit house clean? New Zealand Movers can arrange this.
  • Organise for any house maintenance and repairs to be completed.
  • Advise providers (below) of your change of address.

International Relocations International Relocations

  • Ensure passports and visas are up to date.
  • Confirm travel, accident and medical insurance.
  • Ensure overseas banking arrangements are in place and funds transferred. New Zealand Movers can assist through our partnership with XE Money Transfer.
  • Organise an international drivers licence.
  • Make copies of important documents and records.

Nzmovers Icon Message Advise change of address

  • Insurance companies
  • NZ Post for mail re-direction / motor vehicle registration
  • Bank
  • Electoral Registrar
  • Inland Revenue
  • Your church
  • NZ Police if you hold a firearms licence
  • Doctor / Dentist for a copy of your records
  • Daycare / School – arrange for copies of the children’s records
  • Vet for a copy of your pets records
  • Local council for an animal licence
  • And don’t forget to tell your friends and family your new address!
Playing In The Backyard

Nzmovers Icon Location1 Discontinue the following

  • Gas and power
  • Telephone and internet
  • Sky TV and other applicable services
  • Rural water delivery
  • Rubbish and recycling

Nzmovers Icon Threebedroom One week before your move

  • Empty fuel from mowers and purge gas BBQ bottle.
  • Collect clothing from the drycleaners.
  • Clean out and dispose unwanted medicines.
  • Downsizing? Dispose of items that are no longer required, or arrange for New Zealand Movers to store excess furniture.
  • Keep aside jewellery, currency and important documents, including travel documents.
  • Dismantle large furniture items; i.e. ikea furniture, cots and trampolines.
  • Do you have children? Arrange for someone to mind them on your move day if possible.
Dunedin Moving Vans

Nzmovers Icon Fern Handy hints

  • Ensure your fridge / freezer is clean – wipe using a damp cloth with vanilla essence, blow dry, especially in corners. Put silica gel in the fresh compartments or fine blend coffee in a piece of muslin to soak up moisture and prevent mould.
  • Don’t place breakables, liquids or heavy items in drawers or overload with linen.
  • Water your plants seven days before your move.
  • When taking furniture apart, place all screws, legs, and cords into a snaplock bag and tape them to the underside of the item.
  • Moving with kids? Prepare an essential bag for each child filled with their favourite toys and snacks to help keep them entertained on your move day.

Local Moving | Nz Movers One day before your move

  • Fridge / freezer – remove all food and defrost. Ensure the fridge / freezer is thoroughly clean and dry.
  • Disconnect the washing machine.
  • Wall mounted dryers – take off the wall.
  • TV’s – disconnect, if on the wall please take down.
  • Take all pictures and paintings off the wall.

We hope you find this Pre Move Checklist helpful. No matter where you are moving, New Zealand Movers are here to help. Every year we move thousands of families and individuals to and from every corner of Aotearoa and the world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quotation. We look forward to providing our trusted services.

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