At New Zealand Movers we train our packers and moving staff in-house through our full time operational training programme. Dave Costigan is MITO certified and holds NZTA authorisation to train and issue Truck licenses, showing New Zealand Movers total commitment to improving our staffs performance and industry specific education, covering the latest techniques for protecting and moving your belongings.

We use the most advanced materials available and always have an eye on the environment; minimizing wastage and recycling and reusing where possible.

Professional Packing Materials

Packing Boxes

We use a wide range of packaging materials specifically designed for the packing and protection of your personal and household belongings.

Professional Packing


We protect items such as china, plastics and books in paper before packing into cartons.

Priority Packing

Priority Packing

Priority cartons are used for important items such as remote controls, bed legs, and bolts from dismantled furniture.  This way you know exactly where everything is as soon as you arrive.

Tube Packing Stemware & Delicates

Tube Packing Glassware

All delicate items, such as glassware or china, are individually wrapped with paper and tissue.  If necessary these can be packed in corrugated cardboard tubes for additional protection. All items are packed in specially designed removal cartons for transport.

Packing Pictures & Mirrors

Packing Pictures For Moving

Pictures are individually wrapped in Tuff Wrap, a material specially designed for packing household goods for export. One or more pictures or mirrors are then placed into an adjustable size picture carton for added protection.

Packing and Moving Flat Screen TVs

Packing Moving Flat Screen Tv Carton

Flat screen TVs and computer screens are shape-wrapped with Tuff Wrap, then placed inside a special flat screen TV carton with polystyrene inserts for maximum stability and protection.

Packing Clothes

Packing Clothes

We use either flat clothes cartons or hanging port-a-robes for transporting clothes.  Clothes in cartons are packed flat with their arms folded in; they can remain on their hangers. Port-a-robes are a little more expensive but reduce creasing so your clothes are ready to wear straight away.

Packing Bikes & Golf Clubs


We use purpose-made cartons for golf clubs and bicycles to keep your sports gear in good condition.

Fragile Packing


Specified delicate or fragile items get customised protection.

Bed & Settee Protection

Mattress Protection

We use heavy-gauge plastic mattress bags to protect mattresses and bed bases.


Lounge suites are placed inside heavy-gauge plastic lounge bags.

Loading Trucks & Containers

Local Furniture Removals Truck

For local and city to city removals, items are protected with furniture removal pads. Goods are loaded tightly and strapped into our removal vehicles or steel shipping containers to avoid movement.

New Zealand Movers Shipping Container Truck

Containers are secured and sealed with high-density steel locking bolt seals.

Furniture Wrapping for International Moves

Moving Furniture Wrap Protection International Moves

Where necessary, foam wrap is used to protect highly polished wood. Additional corrugated cardboard is placed over Tuff Wrap to protect glass.

Packing Moving Ornate Furniture

Furniture is shape-wrapped using Tuff Wrap for protection during international moves.

Bed & Settee Protection for International Moves

Bed Setee Protection International Moves
Settee Protection International Moves

For international removals, lounge suites are shape-wrapped with Tuff Wrap for maximum protection. Beds are packed in heavy-gauge plastic protectors.

Appliance Wrapping for International Moves

Moving Whiteware Wrap Protection

For city-to-city and international removals, stainless steel appliances and white goods are shape-wrapped with Tuff Wrap for maximum protection.

International Container Loading

Container Security

For international removals, goods are loaded into steel shipping containers, secured and sealed with high-density steel locking bolt seals.



Pallet Box

Piano Crate Protection

Piano Crate

Storage Crates

Crates for less than a container load

Carton & Package Tracking

Carton Packing Tracking

All cartons and items are labelled for tracking.

Inventory Management

Inventory Report

After labelling, our crew makes a comprehensive inventory so that every item can be tracked throughout your move.