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International Air Freight Shipping

You may like the essential items you require sooner to go by air freight, and the rest by international sea freight shipping. Air freight is simply the fastest way to ship your belongings.

New Zealand Movers International Air Freight Cargo Plane

When time is of the essence, air freight is worth considering. Air freight is generally more expensive than sea freight but is the difference between having your goods within a matter of days as opposed to a number of weeks. New Zealand Movers can help you choose the method of shipping that best suits your needs as there are a number of options available.

Carton Service (Loose)

If it's just some essential items such as business clothes, documents, baby items, children's toys, kitchenware, or even the golf clubs, we can pack your goods into one or more cartons and air freight them in much the same fashion as a courier service. You can choose from our variety of specialty cartons, purpose-designed to hold your goods, including book cartons, dishpack cartons, clothing cartons, golf club cartons, and bike cartons. New Zealand Movers Carton and Bike Box

Pallet Box (Covpack)

The pallet box is designed for large air freight shipments that consist of multiple cartons, packages and furniture items. As air freight shipments can be handled a number of times on route to destination, we place all items into a large pallet box (covpack) for maximum protection, accountability and ease of handling. The Pallet Box outer is made from heavy-grade cardboard and the base from timber which is treated for international shipping. New Zealand Movers Pallet Box

International Air Freight Destinations