Air freight is the fastest way to get essential items to your new home overseas.  Things such as work tools, office equipment, some really special children’s toys and even their clothes – you’ll want them before they grow out of them – can all be sent by air.

Air Freight

When it needs to get there fast, you should consider air freight. Of course it’s a bit more expensive than sea shipping, but it’s there in a few days rather than weeks.  We’ll help you decide what to send by air and the options available.

Carton Service (Loose)

If you have some essential items, things you just can’t be without, we can pack them into small cartons and send them by air for you, rather like a courier service.  We have cartons specially designed for just about everything: books, china, kitchen ware, clothing, bikes … even your golf clubs.


Pallet Box (Covpack)

The pallet box is for large air freight consignments that can include just about anything such as cartons, wrapped items and even some furniture.  Covpack boxes are strongly made from heavy-grade cardboard with timber bases. They can easily stand up to the handling they receive at airports and provide excellent protection and easy handling.


International Moving Destinations

Understanding your needs is the single most important part of tailoring a moving service for your move overseas. Depending on the size of your shipment and budget, we have several shipping options available to you.