New Zealand Movers Global Moving Services

Special Moving Services

We offer a number of additional moving related services to help make your relocation complete. If your pets are moving with you or you would like to transport your car or boat, New Zealand Movers can take care of the lot!

Increasingly our customers are requesting a 'turn-key' moving experience where we have the house cleaned once the moving team have loaded out, and before the new owners occupy, complemented with our valet unpacking service on delivery at your new home.

Pet Transport

Your pet is a precious part of your family and they need to find their way to your new home too. With our carefully chosen service partners we can arrange the national and international relocation of your beloved pets.

Vehicle Transport & Shipping

Considering transporting or shipping your motor vehicle, motorcycle, boat, caravan, or trailer? We can arrange transport and shipping to anywhere in New Zealand and all over the world.

When shipping overseas it is also very important to know and understand the import regulations for the country of destination. We can assist you with this process to ensure you are well informed when making this decision.

House Cleaning

Another one of those tasks you need to perform when you leave your old home and arrive at your hew home. With our carefully chosen service partners we can help relieve you of these tasks and provide a comprehensive range of house cleaning services.

Valet Unpacking

Transforming your carton-filled house into a comfortable new home can be a time consuming job. With our carefully chosen service partners we can provide valet unpacking services to have this taken care of in just one day.

Foreign Exchange

Transferring your funds abroad can sometimes be an expensive and complicated exercise. To assist you with this process, New Zealand Movers have partnered themselves with XE Foreign Exchange Services to help save you money.

As a client of New Zealand Movers you will be offered zero fees and preferential rates of exchange that will be better than those offered by mainstream banks. Make sure to at least get a comparison as it could save you a large amount in fees and exchange rate benefits.

Relocation & Re-settlement

Relocating your home can be stressful. A pain-free move takes forward planning, time, energy and co-ordination. It also requires knowledge of the town/city in New Zealand to ensure that your lifestyle requirements are met. New Zealand Movers has partnered itself with 'On Arrival New Zealand' to provide relocation and re-settlement services in New Zealand.

Whatever your requirements are we have a range of services to suit your needs. Get started by completing an online moving quote request or giving us a call on 0800 00 00 22.