All the necessary forms and documents required for making your move are available online from New Zealand Movers.

Terms & Conditions

New Zealand Movers Terms & Conditions

General Moving Forms

Acceptance of Quotation

Insurance Proposal

New Zealand Customs & Quarantine Forms

Declare or Dispose -Information on Biosecurity Risk Goods 

Moving To New Zealand – What you need to know

New Zealand Customs Service Guide to Importing Personal effects and motor vehicle 

New Zealand Police Information on Import of Firearms

CITES Information for import of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora

Information on Personal Importation of Medicines

NZCS 218 Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration 

Importing a Vehicle into New Zealand

New Zealand Customs Guide to Importing Motor Vehicles/ boats etc. 

Questionaire for Importing Motor Vehicles 

NZ Transport Agency Guide to importing a Vehicle 

NZCS 224-A Customs Number Application for an Individual Person (not a business or a sole trader with a trading name) for Import of Vehicles 

Australian Customs & Quarantine Forms

Australian Customs & Quarantine Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement

How to Complete the Australian Customs & Quarantine Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement

UK Customs Forms

Application for Transfer of Residence relief (ToR1)

US Customs Forms

Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles

Instructions For CBP Form 3299 – Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles

Supplemental Declaration for. Unaccompanied Personal and Household Effects

Declaration for Importing a Motor Vehicle 

Declaration for Importing a Motor Vehicle (Marine and off-road vehicles)