Technology is an important part of all our lives and it’s important for our company too.  The trick, of course, is for our IT to make our lives easier and help us provide an even better service to you; not to expect you to fit in with our systems.  For this reason we use the most advanced technology currently available in our industry and will always ensure that our systems are intuitive, comprehensive and focussed on providing the best possible customer service.



Our primary operating system is called Moveware.  It is one of the industry’s leading systems that operates behind everything we do to help us manage every move, from start to finish, and to link our branches nationwide in one seamless network.  Many of our overseas partners use the same system.  As well as helping us manage your move efficiently, Moveware also allows you to access your own account to give you the maximum flexibility and control of your own move.

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Navman Wireless

Navman allows us to track the movement of all our vehicle fleet using GPS.  This helps us to make the best use of our resources and keep you informed about collection or delivery in real time.

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Virtual Surveys

Options, options and more options! Rather than send a representative to your home to assess what you have to move and provide a detailed quotation, our latest technology allows us to perform a survey using your smartphone.  It’s easy! Simply show us around your home using your phone and our specialist technology will provide us with all the information we need to give you a fast, accurate quotation. No need to have a face-to-face meeting, you don’t have to take time off work and we’ll get back to you in no time. Contact us today to request a virtual survey.