Our staff really are our greatest asset

The finest facilities and most advanced technology amount to nothing without the experience, understanding, compassion and hard work of people who really know what they are doing.  At New Zealand Movers our people are exactly that: experts in what they do, and dedicated to serving you every day.

Nz Movers Truck

Our Packing & Removal Staff

Moving is hard work on the front line. Every day brings physical demands and requires the flexibility to adapt to fit the needs of every customer as they embark on their moving adventure. This needs training, skill and fitness mixed with compassion, empathy and a fundamental understanding of what makes people tick. Our operational staff combine these qualities to make sure that your goods are properly protected, your move is completed on time, and you emerge from the experience content and confident in a job well done.


Our Sales & Administration Staff

Sales people and administration staff work together at New Zealand Movers to bring you the services you need and want, in an affordable and practical package. Knowledge is the key. There is no guesswork.  Nothing is left to chance.  They know about moving; the practicalities, the regulations, and the desires people have for their families. They have the ability to provide accurate information and guidance and, by working together make sure that the service you receive is tailored to you, and is exactly what you expect with no surprises.

Our Staff

More than just a name, New Zealand Movers is based in New Zealand and proud to be 100% NZ owned and operated. To request an obligation free moving quote contact our team today, call: 0800 000 022 or complete a quote form online.