Moving house soon? You must be excited! But before you start jumping with joy, you’ve got to get your ducks in a row first. Some things can be left till the last minute… work projects, grocery lists, exam preparation – all these things imply a little bit of procrastination.

But when we’re talking about moving houses, you certainly can’t afford to procrastinate. Booking your moving company is something done sooner the better. In this article, we go through all the factors that influence how long before a relocation you should contact your moving company.

Local moves within the same city

Every year, many Kiwis choose to move to a new location, more suitable suburbs within their own city. It may be due to a job, a growing family, or perhaps just a lifestyle change.

Moving to a different suburb within the same city still requires its fair share of forward planning. Aim to book your moving company roughly 6 weeks before the big day. This way, you avoid disappointment and have plenty of options for top quality moving companies.

Inter-city moves

Packing up and moving to a different city? This is a big decision in one’s life and it’s so important to be prepared. Whether you’re moving with a family of three or a family of 7, changing it up and heading to a different city in New Zealand is a rewarding and exciting stage of life.

So, how long before the move should you get in touch with your moving company? If you’re moving inter-city, you should aim to book your moving company approximately 8 weeks before moving. It’s a little on the safe side, but you definitely want the best moving team available for your long-distance move!

International moves

Moving to a different country is one of the most exciting things you can do. It’s a big job, and you’ll need to be prepared in lots of different ways: securing your visas, getting work, finding somewhere to live, and, of course, hiring a top-quality moving company that specialises in international relocations.

When moving internationally, book your moving company around 12 weeks in advance. Seriously, the earlier the better when it comes to international moves. This ensures you’ll get a spot with your preferred moving company and that the whole experience will run smoothly.

Need storage?

Need storage for your local or inter-city move? Allow a couple extra weeks to secure a spot!

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