There are many reasons why Kiwis around the country move into new rental homes. You might be looking for a change of suburb, or a nicer place. You might be moving closer to work. The lease may be running out on your current place. Or you could be packing up and heading to a new town, city, or country.

Whatever the reason, you want to be totally prepared before moving into a new rental, so that you’re confident and comfortable in your new environment.

Here are the top 5 things to consider before moving into a new rental, brought to you by the moving and packing specialists at New Zealand Movers.

1) Location, Location, Location

Location is such a huge part of moving into a rental property. Choosing the perfect location for your rental is based on a number of factors. Firstly, how close is it to your place of work and your children’s schools and day-cares? Will you be spending more or less time than your current commute? Next, you’ve got to assess its convenience – how close are the nearest shops, restaurants, gyms, medical centres, and other facilities? The safety of the neighbourhood is also extremely important.

2) Features of the property

You may really like a certain rental property, based on its location, its looks or any other aspect about it. But does it suit your needs appropriately? For example, you may simply love a rental that has a magnificent garden, but you’re not overly keen on gardening yourself. The problem here is that the garden will need to be maintained regularly, so you’ve got to be prepared to do the work or to pay a professional gardener.

3) Style

Don’t underestimate the importance of style! If you live in a house that you simply don’t vibe with because it’s not in your preferred style, don’t ignore that feeling. Choose somewhere you love.

4) Condition of the property

Before you move any belongings into your rental, go around and do a final inspection, taking photos of any damage to the property. This proves that the damage was there before you moved into the property, giving you a better chance of getting your bond back!

5) Your moving company

And last, but not least, choose the right moving company! You need a team of movers who are dedicated, reputable and have loads of experience. New Zealand Movers are one of the country’s most trusted moving companies. Moving Kiwis into new rental places on a daily basis, they have an outstanding track record for moving your belongings – at an outstanding price! Get a quote with New Zealand Movers and plan your move today.

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