They don’t call it the Great Southern Land for nothing: Australia is one of the greatest countries in the world and it’s calling your name.

Whether you’re after more job opportunities with better salaries, a better life for your family, or sunnier weather, Australia could be the answer to your problems.

Many Kiwis decide to move to Australia each year. Why? In this post, we explain the top 5 reasons for moving to Australia.

1) Work Opportunities

Work is the number one reason why Kiwis move to Australia. There are bigger cities with more demand for a range of positions than here in New Zealand. Industries booming in Australia include healthcare, mining, hospitality, tourism, tech, and plenty more. Moving to Australia is one of the best ways to advance your career – and we haven’t even mentioned the pay yet!

2) Better income and cost of living

Wages are definitely better in Australia, regardless of what job you’re doing. With the cost of living rising here in New Zealand, it is no surprise Kiwis are finding the ‘grass is greener’ in Australia when it comes to income. In fact, it has been reported that Australian full-time workers earn on average $383 more a week than those in New Zealand. Say goodbye to stressing about paying the bills on time and say hello to more disposable income.

3) The weather

We couldn’t leave the weather out of the debate. If you’re getting tired of cold, wet New Zealand winters, Australia is the place to be. Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide enjoy the traditional all-four seasons, with hot summers and cold winters; but let’s say you want summer all-year round. Darwin and Cairns can provide this type of weather, while Brisbane enjoys very mild winters with daily temps of 23 degrees!

4) Family suitability

Australia is the ideal place for raising a family. Green parks for playing in, beaches for swimming in, great schools (both public and private), and safe, community-based neighbourhoods to raise a family in. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney can be a little crowded, but others like Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane still have plenty of affordable houses with big backyards, if you’re averse to raising children in units or apartments.

5) It’s just a short flight back home

Want a better life and in need of change, but don’t want to go too far away for it? Australia is a world away without actually being a world away… it’s just a four-hour flight across the ditch (unless you’re in Perth or Darwin) to be reunited with family and friends in NZ.

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