Need affordable removals in Dunedin? Whether you’re a graduate moving to a bigger city for work, or a couple or family that’s relocating to start a new chapter, you’ll be needing a top quality team of removalists in Dunedin.

New Zealand Movers are the country’s favourite team for affordable removals. Servicing every city from Dunedin, we’ll get you where you need to go in a zero-stress, affordable way.

Here are some tips for a budget-friendly moves when you’re packing up your bags and leaving Dunedin:

Book early

Booking your Dunedin moving company is like booking airline tickets – generally, the earlier you book, the easier and more affordable it is. Giving your moving and packing company plenty of notice will mean you pay less than if you leave it till the last minute and book the next day. If you want to save your budget, try booking your moving company during week days as there’s less demand and you won’t have to account for award rates and surcharges.

Save money on packages

Great moving companies offer a range of different services, and it always works out cheaper per service if you go through the one company. Let’s say you need storage services, packing material and an unpacking service. It’s so much more convenient and cheaper to opt for New Zealand Movers’ combined services than to hire three different service providers when moving from Dunedin. We offer a number of additional moving related services to help make your relocation complete. Everything from currency exchange, pet relocations, shipping of vehicles and settling in services, we can take care of the lot!

Invest in packing material

A great moving team in Dunedin should provide excellent packing material. This protects you from damaged items and always works out more affordable in the long run. Packing material helps to protect your belongings which is always the better budget-friendly option than replacing damaged goods!

Save your paid time-off!

Paid leave is precious, and time is possibly the most valuable currency we have. For most of us it actually works out more affordable to work the day and leave the packing or moving to your Dunedin movers than it does to take some days off and try to do it ourselves. That way, you’ve got more paid leave to enjoy during the holidays.

Find a team who offers competitive quotes

To spare your budget, look for a moving team which offers quality work at competitive rates. There’s no point trying to pinch pennies where you can if you’re overpaying for a moving service. New Zealand Movers prides ourselves on competitively-priced quotes when you need removals in Dunedin.

New Zealand Movers are your team of choice for affordable removals in Dunedin. They’re here for Kiwis far and wide, across the island or across the globe. Wherever you are, you can count on New Zealand Movers for those ‘bigger-and-better moments’, the ‘time-to-downsize moments’, the ‘I-got-the-job!’ moments and the ‘time-for-a-change moments’. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver a seamless moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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