Our four-legged friends are an integral part of the family, they gave us undivided love and attention, helping the whole family with moral support.

So, if you’re moving to a new place, then there’s no question that they’re coming too. Thankfully, pet relocation is a lot easier and more affordable than it used to be. In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about relocating locally and internationally with your pet.

Managing intercity pet relocations

If you’re moving to another city in New Zealand, relocating with your pet is pretty straightforward. Put your dog in a secure section of the car or your cat in their travelling box and hit the road! If you’re crossing the island, this is still perfectly fine; pets are allowed on the Cook Strait ferry too. But what about if you’re moving a little further away?

Managing international pet relocations

Taking your pet overseas can seem like a very stressful task. Luckily, the team at New Zealand Movers are experts in international pet relocation. The first step is to give them a call. They’ll talk you through the entire process, necessary paperwork and explain the operations of their trusted partners in international pet travel.

How to prepare your fur baby for international travel

Before your pet becomes an international jetsetter, there are a couple of ways in which you’ll need to prepare.

Talk to your vet

Booking a full check-up with the vet before going overseas is essential. Your vet will give you a clear idea about your pet’s general health, administer the necessary vaccines for arrival in your new country, and, if not completed already, will implant the ISO-compliant microchip in your pet.

  • Get groomed
    Make sure your pet is groomed before the flight. This prevents them from excessive scratching and makes them more comfortable for the journey.
  • Crate training
    One of the most important parts of international pet relocation is crate training. Your pet needs to fly in an IATA-approved pet crate, and they need to be comfortable with this before the flight. That’s where crate training comes into play – to associate the crate with a safe, happy place. Start with short periods of crate training, building up slowly until your pet can happily sleep in the crate overnight.
  • Stock up on favourite toys
    To help your pet be totally comfortable during the flight, you should line the crate with their pet’s favourite blanket, a favourite toy, and an old piece of clothing that smells like their owner. These things are super comforting and help your pet stay relaxed in the overnight flight cabin.

To start the ball rolling on a pet relocation, talk to the team at New Zealand Movers. Being the country’s favourite business for international moves, they’ve helped countless people move their pets overseas, ensuring that they’re happy, healthy, and prepared for the move.

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