Looking for somewhere with affordable housing, job opportunities galore and a safe environment to raise your children? The South Island is an exciting, beautiful and liveable place that ticks all of these boxes.

Each part of the island has its own unique charm. From the bustling streets of Christchurch to the action and adventure of Queenstown, the South Island presents a range of different lifestyle choices for every different type of person and family.

Here, we ask the experts at New Zealand Movers about the top destinations to move to in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island.


New Zealand’s second largest city is an interesting mix of mountains, beaches, rivers and cosmopolitan living. Like most of the South Island, Christchurch has a serious advantage in terms of house prices. For example, while the median house price in Auckland is now over $1mil, the Canterbury region has a median house price of just $680k. Quite the difference! Still in the rebuilding phase from the 2011 earthquakes, Christchurch is a fast-growing city with job opportunities in IT, technology and construction.


Dunedin is an underrated gem on the South Island. A university city, it’s the perfect place for students thanks to the highly-esteemed University of Otago, ranked in the world’s top 1% of universities. It’s also home to a distinct mix of Scottish and Maori culture, with beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Dunedin is known for its strong job market in the areas of education, healthcare and professional services.


Art galleries, wineries, mountains, beaches – this compact little jewel facing Tasman Bay is one of the best cities to live in on the South Island. Nelson is home to New Zealand’s biggest fishing port, meaning that well-paid jobs in fishing and agriculture attract many new locals each year. One of New Zealand’s safest cities, Nelson is a great place for children to grow up, and go hiking and swimming on the weekends.


Snow-capped mountains and huge alpine lakes mark the resort town of Wanaka in Otago. The gateway to the Southern Alps, it’s a popular town in winter due to alpine sports. Wanaka is a fantastic place to live for those in tourism and alpine education, presenting a safe and interesting place for children to grow up.

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