If you’re heading off from Dunedin on a big international adventure, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. An international relocation brings about new jobs, new friends, and new opportunities in life. It’s one of the best things you can do for career growth as well as personal growth.

Moving from Dunedin to another country requires careful planning, however, which is what we’re here to help you with. Every year, New Zealand Movers help relocate hundreds of Kiwis from Dunedin to overseas. Here are some of our best tips:

Taking care of the paperwork

Paperwork is certainly the priority when relocating internationally. Some of the most important things you need to research on before moving include:

  • How to obtain visas and other work permits
  • Your preferred neighbourhood based on your situation and preferences e.g. single, couple, family, etc.
  • Location of good schools for kids
  • Laws and customs which differ from New Zealand
  • Effectiveness of public transport, or ease of obtaining a local driver’s license. In many European countries, for example, you can simply swap your license over at the relevant government organisation.
  • How to apply for a bank account
  • How to use the medical system

Physical copies

Make physical copies of all the important documents like work permits, birth certificates, visas, vaccination status, etc. While New Zealand is relatively digitised in these areas, many other countries, even western countries, can be behind on this, accepting physical copies only. Always make hard copies of your most important pieces of paperwork.

Furniture packing

When it comes to packing up your Dunedin home for an international relocation, it’s best to leave it to the experts. New Zealand Movers can assist you in moving your belongings overseas and helping you get settle in your new country. Here’s why it’s a job best left to professionals:

  • We have an office in Dunedin
    New Zealand Movers has an office and storage facility in Mosgiel, Dunedin, making international moving a whole lot easier. This means your belongings don’t need to be transferred to any third party while in New Zealand, and we can handle the entire process for you.
  • Packing is specialised task
    Packing for an international move is a task that requires training in the right techniques. That’s why we highly recommend choosing our professional packing service to ensure your belongings are transported safely overseas.

New Zealand Movers are Dunedin’s best team of international removalists. We have over 41 years’ experience in international moves and have moved Kiwis to and from every corner of the globe. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are passionate about moving and will deliver a professional moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for an international moving quote today.