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Thank you so much for the remarkably smooth process for us of receiving our shipment of household goods from the UK on Monday, on time, in excellent condition, and delivered here by a superb team (Dean, Whitu and Lance). They maintained their well-mannered good humour throughout a (for them) gruelling period of heavy lifting and carrying of 143 packages, before quietly and skilfully unpacking and setting up our furniture and even asking if we wanted anything moved around. It was fantastic for us to have such a head start on the mammoth task of getting our house organised. I was inspired to unpack most of our boxes that day; we now have only about a dozen book boxes to unpack. (We have to buy some bookshelves first.)

I can't tell you how different this very positive experience of polite, competent professionalism was from my last experience of an international move, when the UK end of our move from Australia was appalling, bitterly disappointing -- actually bad enough for me to write a letter of complaint. I also emailed Wridgways, the firm we had employed in Townsville -- who themselves were very good -- to let them know that the UK firm they used was letting them down badly with surly and rude, patronising employees who complained all the time especially every time they had to carry anything upstairs, did not do any unpacking at all and then refused to remove even the few boxes I managed somehow to unpack during the time they carried stuff into the house, in-between their several cups of tea. To make matters worse, that move had cost us an incredible sum.

So, kudos and a sincere thank you to all of you at New Zealand Movers! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I hear of who is looking for a removal firm they can trust.

I have to add that the UK firm we chose for this latest move, Britannia Lanes of Devon, also did an absolutely superb job of packing: some of our things, especially paintings and prints, were far better packaged and protected than in any of our previous international moves so it is no wonder that, this time, not one single item was broken or damaged. You can be confident of handing over your Devon deliveries (if anyone is crazy enough to be moving from New Zealand) to them.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely, and with kind regards and best wishes
Joan (and Paul) Havemann, Raglan