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Moving to USA

There is an ever increasing number of people heading to the United States so if you're taking up a contract, returning home to the United States, New Zealand Movers is here to help you.

San Francisco, USA

USA Moving Services

Whether it's the West Coast, East Coast or somewhere in between we can offer the following reliable 'door to door' moving services to USA:

Sea freight in a shared container with Los Angeles and New York as our gateways

Contact New Zealand Movers demonstrate the quality of professionalism of our moving services to the United States.

USA Moving Destinations

We cover all the major cities such as, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Chicago to every town, city, county and state in between.

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We don't need much to work out the cost of moving your belongings to your new home in the United States. Whatever your requirements, New Zealand Movers have a variety of quote options to suit your moving needs. To get started simply complete the Free Quote request form on this page and we'll be in direct contact with you.

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Moving Your Household Goods to the USA*

We are all aware of the stringint security measures imposed by the US government on everything that moves across its borders, importing your household goods is no exception. Before anything else you need to ensure that if you're immigrating to the United States you have the appropriate visa to live and work there.

USA Custom Services*

All shipments must be cleared by the Customs service for entry into the country. You can import your household goods into the United States free of duty and tax priovided you have owned and used them abroad for at least one year. Your shipment must not arrive before you do as it will not be cleared by Customs and incur significant charges. Due to different regulations in different states we strongly discourage you from importing any alcohol or food as it can cause significant delays and expensive charges.

Virtually every single shipment that arrives into the United States is subject to an inspection of some type, ranging from an external container x-ray to an intensive inspection where a container is completely unloaded and individual packages inspected. There will be additional costs for these inspections and the charges can vary dramatically.

Approximate Transit Times to the USA

Depending on the method of shipping we can advise the following approximate door to door transit times to the United States. These times are based on average and given as a guide to assist you in your planning. The transit time for shared containers can vary and are subject to having enough shipments to fill a container.

  • Via the West Coast of USA
    Sole Use Container & Crated LCL 8-9 weeks, Shared Container 10-16 weeks
  • Via the East Coast of USA
    Sole Use Container & Crated LCL 9-10 weeks, Shared Contaiiner 12-18 weeks
  • Air freight: 1-2 weeks

Packing your Belongings

Whilst it is not mandatory to have your goods professionally packed by us we strongly recommend it. This is due to the fact that the US Customs service tend to look less favourably at 'owner packed' shipments and there is a much higher chance of an intensive inspection with very high costs. This is because the inventory prepared by someone who packs their own goods is usually a lot less descript than that prepared by New Zealand Movers packing staff. Thus the Customs service may need to physically view a shipment to determine its exact contents.

Packing Pictures for Moving

In addition we use the best materials available and employ the best techniques to ensure your goods arrive safely. We also have a variety of speciality cartons purpose designed for items such as flat screen TV's, golf clubs, hanging clothes, bikes, and artwork. We also custom build wooden crates for fragile and precious items. Every single item moving will be packaged in some form, thus if it is not packed inside a carton then it will be export wrapped. Once packed all goods will be numbered with a label sticker and recorded on a removal inventory. If you chose to pack some or all of your goods yourself we can assist by providing you with our packing materials and a handy packing guide.

Advanced Packing Techniques

Storing Your Belongings in NZ or USA

If you have the need to store your goods we can provide storage services in both New Zealand or the United States. Knowing that you can't ship your household goods to the United States unless you have the appropriate visa might mean that you store your goods here in New Zealand until you receive your visa and get the shipping arranged. Or perhaps your shipment may arrive in the United States and you haven't found a new home, no problems your shipment can be placed into storage until you are ready.

New Zealand Movers Storage Warehouse

Moving Storage

Insuring Your Belongings

It is very important to consider the protection of your goods during relocation to the United States as there ia always an element of risk especially when there is such a long distance to cover. Peace of mind is paramount, thankfully, we are able to offer a range of comprehensive insurance options to ensure your personal possessions are well covered should the unlikely happen. You are in good hands with our policies being underwritten by Vero Marine, one of the world's largest and most reputable insurance providers.

Moving Insurance

Special Moving Services

And to top it off and make your move complete we can provide house cleaning services after emptying your home, arrange the transferring of your funds to the United States with foreign exchange services and perhaps even valet unpacking at your destination to really put the finishing touch in place.

Special Moving Services

Foreign exchange transfers with XE Money Transfer

If you require currency exchange, we will introduce you to XE Money Transfer, one of New Zealand's leading Foreign exchange companies, to arrange the transferring of your funds to the United States. With discounted fees and the best exchange rates available as a benefit to you by moving to the United States with New Zealand Movers.

Currency Exchange

Shipping Your Motor Vehicle to USA*

Thinking about shipping your car to the United States? The cost of shipping depends on your destination so get a quote from New Zealand Movers for transporting your car to the USA.


All cars are subject to a physically inspection by the Quarantine service upon arrival. If a vehicle is considered 'dirty' then it will require steam cleaning which can be very expensive. To try and avoid these expensive charges we recommend that you have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned on the interior and exterior before shipping.

* Disclaimer: All information provided is a general guide only and can change without notice. We suggest making contact with the appropriate authorities for verification.

Moving to USA FAQ

Can I pack my own goods for shipping to the United States?

Yes you can if you wish, however we recommend that you do not as it poses a high risk of your shipment being stopped for an intensive inspection by the Customs service and incur very high charges.  Customs tend to have more confidence in shipments professionally packed by moving companies like New Zealand Movers.

Can I take alcohol to the United States?

Due to different regulations in different states we strongly discourage you from importing any alcohol as it can cause significant delays and expensive charges.  And some States will simply not allow it in.

Can I take food to the United States?

The same rules apply to food just like alcohol. Due to different regulations in different states we strongly discourage you from importing any food as it can cause significant delays and expensive charges. And some States will simply not allow it in.

Will my goods be inspected by Customs when they arrive in the United States?

It is almost guaranteed that your shipment will be inspection when it arrives in the United States.  Inspections range from an external x-ray to an intensive inspection where everything is unloaded and individual packages inspected.  Unfortunately there are costs associated with these inspections.

Do you have shared containers going to the United States?

Yes, we have regular shared containers heading to the gateway ports of Los Angeles and New York.

Will I get charges duty and tax on my goods in the United States?

You can be charged duty and tax, however if you you can import your household goods into the United States free of duty and tax priovided you have owned and used them abroad for at least one year.

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