Moving to Australia from NZ

Relocating to Australia from New Zealand has long been the top destination for people and their families leaving New Zealand for a new life overseas.

Whether it’s the better climate, potential work opportunities, or to be closer to friends and family, Kiwis have long viewed that the grass is greener on the other side of the Tasman.

If you are making the move to Australia, we are ready to help and will provide a complete door-to-door moving and storage service.

Over the last 42 years New Zealand Movers have moved thousands of people to Australia from Aotearoa and are regarded as the Trans Tasman moving experts. Request a quote today by completing the form below for a fast, competitive service or call our friendly team on: 0800 000 022


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Australia Moving Services

New Zealand Movers have always had a reputation for fast, efficient and reliable shipping to Australia with a huge number of shipments every year.

When moving furniture from New Zealand to Australia, NZ Movers have partners in every Australian state who are there to collect and deliver your consignment in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne or wherever you plan on setting up home.

Here are some of the shipment options available:

Sea freight in a sole use 20’ or 40’ shipping container

The fast way to move all your belongings if you are shipping the contents of a three bedroom house or more, and maybe a car.

Sea freight in a shared container

This is the most economic way of shipping a few items or a part household when moving to Australia from NZ.

Air freight carton service

The quick way to move a few boxes or the things that you really need in a hurry.

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Australia Moving Destinations

We have all of Australia covered, from the main cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth, where we have our own network of accredited partner offices, to everywhere in between including the Kiwi favourites of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Even with the mining boom cooling, Kiwis are still moving to destinations a little more off the beaten track such as Kalgoorlie, Emerald, Mt Isa, and Karratha. We have the knowledge and experience to move you seamlessly to any of these Australian destinations. Request a quote today.

Australia Map
Australia Scaled

When moving to Australia there some key pieces of information you need to know. New Zealand Passport holders do not require a visa to live and work in Australia. In order to get your goods into Australia they must be cleared by both the Customs and Quarantine services. This is a benefit of a door-to-door move to Australia with New Zealand Movers, with our experience we will guide you through the Customs and AQIS declaration forms, called an Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement, and we will need to obtain a copy of your passport details page.

The Australian Customs service wants to ensure you are not importing any prohibited or restricted items and collect any duty and tax which may be payable. To import your household goods into Australia free of duty and tax you must have owned and used them for 12 months or more. All alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are subject to duty and tax regardless of quantity.

Australia has a very strict quarantine service: the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service or AQIS. Every  shipment entering Australia is subject to a physical inspection by AQIS to ensure it does not contain any prohibited,  restricted or contaminated risk items. If it has, AQIS may order selected items to be fumigated or steam cleaned, or if they’re prohibited, then confiscated or destroyed. The charges can be very expensive, so to try and avoid them we recommend that you thoroughly clean all your items such as outdoor furniture, gardening tools, lawn mowers, sports equipment, bikes, camping equipment and vacuum cleaners before we pack them for shipping.

The following door-to-door transit times apply to Australia. These are average times, given as a guide to assist your planning.

The transit time for shared containers can vary and are subject to having enough shipments to fill a container. Australia is our number one destination and we have very regular shared container services to the four main ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Transits can be shorter but are subject to vessel schedules and Australian Quarantine inspection delays. Currently inspections have a backlog of 2-3 weeks.

  • Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne: Sole Use Container 4-6 weeks, Shared Container 6-12 weeks
  • Adelaide: Sole Use Container 5-7 weeks, Shared Container 6-12 weeks
  • Perth: Sole Use 6-8 weeks, Shared Container 8-16 weeks
  • Air freight: 1-2 weeks

We recommend that we professionally pack your goods. We use the best materials available and employ the latest techniques to ensure your goods arrive safely. We also have a variety of cartons, tailor-made for items such as flat screen TVs, golf clubs, hanging clothes, bikes, and artwork.


We also custom-build wooden crates for fragile and precious items. Every item moving will be packed either in a carton or export wrapped. Once packed all goods will be numbered with a label sticker and recorded on the removal inventory.

You are welcome to pack some or all of your goods yourself if you prefer. We can  provide you with packing materials and a handy packing guide to help you.

We have storage facilities available in New Zealand and Australia. If you store at destination, your goods are ready more quickly when you need them.  If you store them in New Zealand, you will need to wait until they arrive.  If you are not sure what your final destination will be we can store your goods here in New Zealand until your plans are decided. This will avoid unnecessary shipping costs if you change your mind.

New Zealand Movers Auckland

You should insure your goods during relocation to give you peace of mind and to provide protection, just in case. We offer a range of insurance options through Vero marine, one of the world’s largest and most reputable insurance providers.

And to top it off and make your move complete we can provide house cleaning services after emptying your home, arrange the transferring of your funds to Australia with foreign exchange services and perhaps even valet unpacking at your destination to really put the finishing touches in place.

Moving pets such as cats and dogs from New Zealand to Australia is quite a simple process. You may even be able to book your pet to fly on the same plane as you. All cats and dogs are required to be microchipped prior to sending to Australia and there is no quarantine period required at destination. You must  ensure that your cat or dog is up to date with all vaccinations and obtain a veterinary health clearance. Here is a link to the Australian Department of Agriculture for more information on bringing cats and dogs (and other pets) to Australia.

If you require currency exchange, we will introduce you to XE Money Transfer, one of New Zealand’s leading Foreign exchange companies, to arrange the transferring of your funds to Australia. You will benefit from discounted fees and the best exchange rates available when you move to Australia with New Zealand Movers.

Thinking about shipping your car to Australia? There are many reasons why people consider shipping their cars to Australia – low resale in NZ, it’s your pride and joy and you’re attached to it, or perhaps it’s sort after and has a higher value in Australia – but there is much to know when shipping a car or motorcycle to Australia. The cost of shipping can range between $2500-$4000 for cars (depending on size and if running or not) so get a quote from New Zealand Movers for your car shipping. Australia has a very regulated motor vehicle industry. This means that to import a motor vehicle you will need to obtain a permit  and for most cars you will have to pay import duty and GST. In addition, the on-road costs are much higher than in New Zealand as registration includes compulsory third party insurance cover.


All cars are subject to a physically inspection by the Quarantine service upon arrival. If a vehicle is considered ‘dirty’ then it will require steam cleaning which can be very expensive. To try and avoid these expensive charges we recommend that you have your vehicle thoroughly cleaned on the interior and exterior before shipping.

* Disclaimer: All information provided is a general guide only and can change without notice. We suggest making contact with the appropriate authorities for verification.

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Can I ship my car to Australia?

Yes you can, however you will need to obtain an approval to ship your car first from the department of Infrastructure & Tansport in Canberra, this can be completed online. You will also have to pay duty/tax to import your car to Australia.

Can I take alcohol to Australia?

Yes you can, however you will need to declare what you are importing and pay import duty/tax on it.

How long will it take to ship my goods to Australia?

The following is a guide to the average door-to-door transit times you can expect.  Shipments can be planned to quicken or lengthen the shipping times based on your own requirements.

  • Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne:  Sole Use Container 3 – 5 weeks, Shared Container up to 8 weeks.
  • Adelaide: Sole Use Container 3 – 5 weeks, Shared Container up to 9 weeks.
  • Perth: Sole Use 4 – 8 weeks, Shared Container up to 11 weeks.

Can I store my belongings in Australia?

Yes you can. New Zealand Movers have secure, modern and accredited storage services available in Australia and New Zealand.

Will my belongings be fumigated when they arrive in Australia?

There is a possibility that this may happen, however it is important to know that if any of your goods require treatment such as fumigation it is usually limited to specific items as opposed to your whole shipment.

Will my car be steam cleaned when it arrives in Australia?

With Australia’s strict Quarantine service there is a good possibility that this may happen;so to try and avoid this and the expensive charges we recommend that you have your vehicle thoroughly groomed on the interior and exterior before shipping. Special attention should be paid to the wheel arches, engine bay and other areas that could trap contaminants.

Will I have to pay duty on my household goods in Australia?

The good news is if you have owned and used your goods for 12 months or more then you will be allowed to import your general household goods free of duty/tax.  This excludes items such as alcohol, cigarettes, and commercial items.

Do I have to clean my goods before shipping to Australia?

Yes, we recommend that you thoroughly clean all goods of an outdoor nature such as garden furniture, gardening tools, lawn mowers, sports equipment, bikes, camping equipment and vacuum cleaners, etc. before they are shipped.

Can I pack my own belongings?

Yes you can, but it is important that your follow our Packing Guide to ensure you meet the satisfaction of the Customs and Quarantine services, otherwise inspection costs and repacking in Australia will be expensive. The cost for New Zealand Movers to pack to Customs and Quarantine standard is very competitive, and we will complete the inventory to the standards required by Customs and AQIS.

Can I use banana boxes for packing?

No you can’t, unfortunately banana boxes are of high risk and can carry contaminants and would require fumigation.

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