If you’re moving to a new house, you’re probably wondering how the heck you’re going to pack your stuff in the most efficient way possible. You’ll have a ton of plastic boxes, cardboard boxes and proper packing materials. But what about suitcases? They seem like a perfect way to make use of dead space in the moving truck. Just load them up with clothes, and away you go!

However, over the years there’s been some questions around whether movers will move your suitcases that are packed with stuff. It’s true that some moving companies have policies around moving suitcases and will refuse to move them. At New Zealand Movers, this isn’t how they roll. They’re happy to move your suitcases and understand that it’s an easy way for you to pack your stuff and transport a suitcase – killing two birds with one stone.

Let’s go through a few tips and pieces of etiquette to make moving your suitcases easier for both you and your moving company:

1. Don’t cram

Sometimes cramming is welcomed. Like when you were in high school and had your final exams, leaving all the study until the very last minute. When packing a suitcase, however, we want to avoid cramming. Cramming a suitcase full of stuff makes it more difficult to load into a truck and increases the risk of damage to your suitcase and the belongings inside of it. While a good mover will move your suitcases, they won’t appreciate it if it’s bursting at the seams.

2. Fill your suitcase with belongings that aren’t delicate

Another trick to keeping you and your mover happy when moving suitcases is to only fill it with items that aren’t delicate. This includes clothes, shoes, knick-knacks: anything that won’t break or smash during the move. Avoid things like laptops and glassware. Most suitcases are don’t have a super hard shell and instead use a thinner layer of material. If the suitcase was to move slightly in the moving truck and something put pressure on a delicate item inside it, let’s say a laptop, it could easily become damaged.

3. Make sure the suitcase is in good condition

There’s no point putting all your nice clothes in a suitcase that has holes in it, won’t zip properly or is completely falling apart. Imagine what would happen if it rained during the move and the rain ruined all your business shirts because your suitcase had a hole in it. A move is very demanding on a suitcase, so it’s important that if you’re going to use one, make sure it’s fit for the task.

A great moving company should always be willing to move your suitcases. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll have no fuss when asking your mover to move a suitcase. New Zealand Movers are happy to move suitcases of all sizes. When you need suitcases moved, contact the friendly team at NZ Movers to arrange a quote today.

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