Exercise is a big part of daily life. It keeps us looking good and, more importantly, makes us feel good… most of the time. Exercise equipment at home and home gyms have taken off over the last few years, due to how accessible and affordable home gym equipment has become. But if it’s time to move houses, your gym equipment – including your treadmill – might leave you with one big question: how on earth are you going to transport this thing?

Treadmills can be very tricky to move. They can be heavy, cumbersome and difficult to take apart, if the design even allows for dismantling. Luckily for you, the experts at New Zealand Movers are happy to put on their grown-up pants and give moving your treadmill a go. Here are a few instances where you’d need a professional mover to move a treadmill:

It’s old and heavy

While many treadmills on the market today are designed with transport in mind, many older models of treadmills are not easily moved. Not only are some models unable to be dismantled, but they’re most likely whopping in the weight department and very difficult to move. It may take a couple of professional movers to navigate these bad boys, especially if they’re in an awkward position – which brings us to our next point…

It’s old and heavy and located upstairs

So, not only is it freakin’ humongous; it’s located in your upstairs exercise room or downstairs in your basement. Good luck getting that to go anywhere. Stairs make most things difficult to manoeuvre – large boxes, tables, crates – let alone massive pieces of exercise equipment like treadmills. If your treadmill needs to go up or down a flight of stairs, don’t even think about moving it yourself. Call a team of professional movers immediately.

The disassembly is confusing

Some models of treadmills are designed to be dismantled and reassembled, so there’d be no reason to hire a professional to move one of these, right? Wrong. Treadmills can have complicated designs and you get a real insight into this when you go to dismantle one. A team of highly regarded movers, however, will be able to take care of this for you. Their entire job is based on figuring out how to take things apart, transport them and then put them together again.

Called a bazillion moving companies and they’ve refused to move a treadmill? Clearly, you haven’t called New Zealand Movers yet! New Zealand Movers can move just about anything, including your treadmill. They’ll get it up the stairs, down the stairs, out the door, into the truck and then into your new home without damaging the treadmill or leaving marks on the wall or floor. Give the guys at New Zealand Movers a call for the best treadmill (and other belongings) moving service.

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