We can guarantee that the day you bought your bed and set it up after hours of figuring it out, you were celebrating like you’d just won a Grand Slam. Champagne was flowing, a victory speech was given, and tears of joy were cried all round. We can also guarantee that, in that moment, the last thing you were thinking of was taking it apart later in the future when you move to a new house. All the former glory you experienced when setting up your bed has now vanished in a heartbeat.

So, if you’re not up to, or not able to tackle the feat of taking apart your bed, then who will? The key is to hire a mover who can take it apart for you.

Why should they take apart your bed?

We believe it’s important for movers to be able to take apart your bed. Maybe you’re unable to do it and need a little help, or maybe you want to make sure that your expensive bed frame is in the hands of a pro and won’t be damaged in the process. These are both great reasons for your movers to take apart your bed.

Aside from this, in most cases, it’s literally impossible to move a bed frame of a house without dismantling it. Trying to do so will likely result in scratching the walls, smashing a lightbulb, scuffing the floors and costing you a heap of dough to get these damages repaired. So, it’s super important that, should you need this service, you hire a mover who will take apart your bed.

Benefits of hiring a mover who takes beds apart

There are plenty of good reasons to go with a mover who can take apart your bed. For one, it’s much safer to leave this task in the hands of an expert. Dismantling a bed involves lifting a mattress, which can be extremely heavy. Then you’ve got to move the large frames and get into awkward positions to unscrew things. Doing your back in over dismantling a bed is pointless when you can avoid the pain and the physio bills altogether.

It’s also a heck of a lot quicker to let your movers take apart your bed. An expert team of movers should have loads of experience with dismantling all kinds of bed frames. This will ensure that they rock up, take one look at the bed frame and recognise the pattern for its disassembly.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of hiring a mover who can take apart your bed, but this quickly becomes apparent during the move. New Zealand Movers are trained in taking apart all sorts of beds: singles, doubles, queens, kings, bunks – even those racing car beds that, like, every kid in the 2000s had. If you need a mover who can take apart your bed with ease and at pace, contact the team at New Zealand Movers.

Will Movers Take Apart Your Bed