Deciding to go with a full service move, which is when movers pack for you, is a great idea if you want a smooth, timely moving experience. They bring the boxes and packing materials, carefully pack all of your belongings, load them into the truck, and get them to wherever they need to go. Easy as pie!

But what do you do in the lead up to when the movers arrive at your place to pack for you? There are a couple things should do beforehand when movers pack for you, but don’t worry – they’re super simple.

Get rid of stuff you don’t want before they arrive

The more stuff your movers pack, the more time it will take and therefore, the more money it will cost you. So, if your movers are packing stuff you don’t even want, you’re wasting unnecessary dollars. Doing a purge of unwanted belongs before your movers pack for you is an easy way to save time and money in the long run. This could include selling stuff on websites, or even giving it away to charity. For large items like appliances and furniture, some charity organisations will even come to your house to collect them for you: handy if you’re strapped for time during the move.

Pack your essentials

Some things you can’t go a single day without using, like your toothbrush, razorblade, Tamagotchi… Well, maybe you can live without the Tamagotchi, but you get the idea. Pack your essential belongings into a separate container before your movers pack for you, so that they don’t pack it into the moving truck. This will save you dealing with the headaches of buying a new toothbrush, deodorant can, shampoo bottle or Tamagotchi when your belongings are in the back of a truck, miles away from home.

Write a brief inventory list

A great way to maximise efficiency when you movers pack for you is to write a brief inventory list, showing what needs to be kept together and what needs to be kept apart. This doesn’t have to be a thesis: just a little guide of how you’d like your belongings packed. If you’re particular with how your stuff should be packed, then this will save your movers from repacking, and in turn save you time and money.

So, there are three easy things you can do when your movers are packing your belongings for you. Then, all you have to do is leave the rest up to a bunch of highly trained professionals like the ones at New Zealand Movers. The experts at NZ Movers have packed countless boxes of countless homes and have the skills to pack your belongings with diligence and ease. For a quote from the very best in moving and packing companies, contact the team at NZ Movers today.

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