It’s true: moving isn’t as simple as it seems. At first, you think that your move will entail simply throwing a sofa and a mattress into the back of a van and unloading it at your new place. Bob’s your uncle. Then you realise that every single one of your belongings needs to be packed. Then you also realise that every single one of your belongings needs to be unpacked too. Then you realise there’s not enough room at your new place to store all your belongings and you’ll need to keep them somewhere in the meantime.

There’s an answer to the accumulation of problems with moving – hiring a mover who packs, moves and stores. There are a ton of benefits of choosing a moving company who can do all three, even if you’re not initially planning on a storage service (the option comes in handy if you do end up needing it, trust us). Here are a few reasons why you should always choose a mover who packs and stores your stuff.

It’s cheaper than going through different companies

In most cases, it’s cheaper to go with the same company for packing and storing services as well as their moving service. Assuming your movers are a bunch of legends, they’ll keep you well-looked after if you go through them for all three services. Hiring different companies also means you’ll receive several bills rather than just one.

Your stuff is only handled by one company

When you hire a mover who packs and stores your stuff, everything is straightforward and streamlined. There’s no confusion when packing your stuff, loading your stuff and then unloading it at the storage depot. Your belongings are kept in the same hands, your service is recorded in the same logs and if anything isn’t quite to your liking (which won’t happen when you choose NZ Movers anyway) then it’s very easy to keep on top of it.

It’s so easy

Hiring a mover who packs and stores isn’t just cheaper: it’s easier too! Think about it: you can arrange a packing service, moving service and a storage unit with just one phone call, rather than two or three. The convenience of this is unbeatable.

So, the answer is pretty simple: movers who pack and store are the bomb. if they’re a top-notch team of movers like NZ Movers, they will always be able to pack your stuff if you’re unable to and store it if you can’t fit all your belongings into your new home. Contact the experts at NZ Movers today to arrange a quote for your packing, moving and storing needs!

Movers Who Pack And Store