In Hollywood movies, moving houses is always made to look so easy. The packers and movers arrive, they’ve got great big smiles on their faces, they take care of everything and then they scoot off, never to be seen again. While moving in real life can look like this, you’ve got to pick the right packers and movers in order for it to do so. In this post, we share our tips for deciding which packers and movers are good.


A big part of determining which packers and movers are good lies in reading online reviews. One of the best things about the internet is that you can get a general feel for the quality of any business by looking them up online. Research different packing and moving companies. Do the reviews say they’re good? Do the reviews seem like they’re legitimate and not written by a bot or a paid reviewer? If so, then it’s generally a sign that the packers and movers are good.


Like all industries, experience goes a long way. It definitely counts when working out which packers and movers are good ones, as a more experienced team are more likely to do the job as efficiently and diligently as possible. Packing and moving are skills that take practise and, logically, the more experienced one is at something, the better they get at it. Of course, experience isn’t necessarily everything. A younger moving team could be more enthusiastic or motivated about the work, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a good moving and packing service.

Business look

Anyone can put an ad up on the internet stating that they’re a packer or mover. But the chances are if their rates are a bit lower than an established business, you’re going to get a lower quality moving experience too. An established business with a professional look about it is more likely to produce a better team of packers and movers. This is because the word has got around that they’re great at what they do which has created lots of business for them, which means they’ve been able to grow into the company they are today.


Another part of choosing a good packer and mover is in their prices. While we don’t encourage going with a Joe Blow off of Gumtree or Marketplace who undercuts the market only to provide a subpar moving experience, we don’t encourage getting ripped off either! Get a few different quotes for your packing and moving service and take them all into account before choosing one.

See? Deciding which packers and movers are good isn’t really rocket science… you just have to go with a company who ticks all the boxes. We can name one for you right now! New Zealand Movers. They’re a business with glowing reviews, years of experience, a highly regarded reputation and affordable pricing. Contact the team at NZ Movers today to arrange a quote for your move.

Which Packers And Movers Are Good