Moving may seem easy enough, but the truth is, it’s half art-form, half science. Everybody knows what they should pack when they need to move. But what about the things you shouldn’t pack yourself when moving? This can be a tricky thing to work out, so we’ll go through some things you should not pack when moving house. Leave these items to the professionals!


It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people try to do a sneaky, pre-move furniture removal on their own when moving house. This is definitely not a good idea, for a number of reasons. First of all, why else are you hiring professional movers if it’s not to take care of the super heavy items like couches and tables? Trying to move these yourself completely defeats the purpose of hiring movers. Safety is another concern. Furniture is super heavy and dangerous to move, presenting a hazard for you if you don’t use the right lifting techniques or if you already have back issues.

Never try to lift heavy items if you have back or hip issues when moving house. This should always be left to a professional team of movers.

Valuable or expensive items

Some movers prefer to pack your valuables themselves. This is because they have the right packing equipment and the right techniques to safely pack all of your valuable stuff. Another reason they prefer to pack your valuables themselves is due to insurance purposes. You wouldn’t want something incredibly valuable or sentimental to break during the move and then run into problems with the insurance company because you were the one who packed it. Simply leave the expensive stuff to your professional movers when it comes to packing.

Stuff you don’t need

Another thing you shouldn’t pack when moving house is the stuff you don’t need! It will only way you down during the process, so it’s time to start thinking of ways to get rid of stuff. Start selling it on online marketplaces, donating it to charity or giving it away to your friends. We’re sure that you’ll find some stuff in your storage room which you’ll be glad to sell on the internet for some extra cash or give away to someone who could use it.

There are probably some other things you shouldn’t pack if you’re moving houses, but let’s leave the rest for a phone call or email. Get in touch with New Zealand Movers if you’re ready to start a new chapter of your life and move houses. They’ll handle all of your belongings with the utmost care, giving you a stress-free moving experience at an affordable price. Contact New Zealand Movers for a chat and a quote today!

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