What does moving mean to you? Does it imply joy, excitement, anticipation? Or is it stress, confusion and anxiety? The best way to enjoy your moving experience, and to not experience any unpleasant feelings, is to be prepared. And by reading this post, you’re already on your way to being well-prepared for your move. Today, we’ll outline what you need to do in the lead up to your move, including the big week before moving day.

Inform your utility providers

Picture this: you’ve moved into your new place and are settling in nicely. Everything is going perfectly. Then, three months later a letter in the mail arrives. You’ve got a big bill on your hands because you didn’t cancel your electricity plan! Let’s avoid this situation from occurring by making sure you inform your utility providers that you’re moving houses. They’ll be happy to simply switch your account to a different address.

Home/contents insurance

If you’ve got contents insurance, you definitely want to make sure you change the address with your insurance provider. There’s no use insuring a place you no longer live in! Protect your belongings by keeping on top of insurance before you move houses.

Start packing up the things you don’t need to use

What don’t you need in the lead up to your move? Anything in the garage or spare room that can be packed up pretty much now? Get a list going of all the things that you can pack up in the week before moving. This will give you a head start on the moving process and will guarantee that you run on schedule on moving day.

Get rid of your unwanted stuff

One thing you can do a week before moving is get rid of unwanted belongings. Pile up all the stuff that you haven’t used in years and get rid of it. Start selling it on online marketplaces, donating it to charity or giving it away to your friends. We’re sure that you’ll find some stuff in your storage room which you’ll be glad to sell on the internet for some extra cash or give away to someone who could use it.

Touch base with your movers

You’ve booked in with your movers some weeks prior to now, but you’ll want to touch base with them just to make sure that everything is still on track. You’ll discuss start times, the number of trucks and all the other important stuff.

The week before moving day is one of the most crucial periods to prepare for the move. New Zealand Movers are the team you need to check out if you haven’t booked in with them already. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the ditch (or even across the globe), New Zealand Movers can help you out with a stress-free, affordable move. Contact the team for a quote today!

What Should I Do A Week Before Moving