Everybody has their treasured possessions. A piece of jewellery, given to us by a loved one. A photo album. A memento from a holiday you took to a far-away place. And when it comes to moving your treasured possessions, to a new home, you want to make sure they get there safely. So, what is the best way to move your beloved possessions? Let’s take a peek.

Pack them with the utmost care

You know what they say: you can never be too careful. When talking about packing your treasured possessions for moving homes, this simply couldn’t be truer. Packing your treasured possessions is something that’s probably best left to your moving team, provided you’ve hired a top-level moving service. Professional packers know the ins and outs of packing valuable or sentimental items. They’ll use specific-sized boxes, special material, extra bubble wrap and shrink wrap and they’ll handle your stuff with the utmost care.

Make sure they’re insured

If you’ve got some treasured possessions, make sure you discuss insurance with your moving company. Imagine the nightmare of letting your movers handle your beloved things, something then gets broken accidentally and your movers aren’t insured for it. Don’t worry, most top quality movers have insurance that covers this situation, but it always pays to double check.

Talk to your movers

Professional movers are very understanding people. They handle important belongings every day, and understand the significance of your stuff. So, if you’ve got a few different belongings that you want handled with extra, extra, extra special care, let them know about it! Most movers are happy to receive info like this – it helps them do their job better!

Hire the best moving team available

People often want to cut corners and save money when hiring movers. You may find a couple of guys who call themselves ‘movers’ on an online marketplace, who then rock up at your place in a rusty old van. Ask yourself this: do I really trust these people with my most treasured possessions? Are they fully insured if something goes wrong? Never try to save a buck on your moving service – always hire a reputable team of pros.

Now that you’re an expert on moving your valuable possessions, it’s time to hire the best team of movers in New Zealand – New Zealand Movers! They’re renowned for their diligent handling of expensive, important or sentimentally-valuable items. The experts at NZ Movers will get your belongings from A to B without a single scratch, scuff or mark. It’ll be as if they teleported your stuff to the new house!

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