It may not be one of the most exciting things to read about on your weeknight or Saturday morning, but its importance goes without saying: moving insurance. If you’re moving to your dream home in the near future and want to make sure your stuff is safe and sound during the move, you’ll want to have an understanding of the insurance policy at NZ Movers. What do they cover and what don’t they cover? In this post, we’ll run through a few basics of how moving insurance works and why NZ Movers offer the best insurance policy available, looking after their customers.

What most moving companies cover

If you’re going with a quality moving service, they’ll usually cover a couple of essential things in their insurance policy. Damage caused by one of your movers (which, at New Zealand Movers, is rare as hens’ teeth) should always covered by your moving insurance. This means you don’t have to worry about furniture, mirrors, crockery or any other personal valuables when they’re being handled by your movers – it’s all insured!

Most commonly, your possessions are also insured during transit. So, if you’ve got a valuable painting by Van Gogh lying around and you chuck it in the moving truck, it’ll usually be insured. However, there are a couple of cases in which your valuables may not be covered by insurance during transit.

What most moving companies don’t cover

If your moving team have a road accident in the moving truck, which isn’t their fault, and it damages some of your belongings, this may not be covered under the insurance policy. It may have to be resolved under the insurance policy of the driver at fault.

Water damage due to rainy conditions is another factor that may not be covered by your insurance policy. It’s normal, especially in NZ, to experience rainy days and, unfortunately, your movers can’t change the weather for you. Trust us: they would if they could!

The takeaway:

Always review your moving company’s insurance policy before you sign off on hiring them. Double check that they provide all the cover that you want, and check that there are no hidden nasties in the contract. If you’re still worried about insuring for situations that aren’t covered in the moving company’s policy, then check your home and contents insurance. There may be an option to get your stuff covered by your insurance provider.

We all want a stress-free moving experience in which dealing with insurance companies is the least of our concerns. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, choose New Zealand Movers. They’re one of the country’s finest moving teams, with an excellent reputation for taking special care of your belongings. They’ve also got a super generous moving insurance policy, so talk to the team at New Zealand Movers to learn what you can get covered when you move.

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