There’s a reason they call summer ‘the silly season’. Our schedules are so packed out that it’s silly! We’ve got Christmases to host, New Year’s Eve parties to attend, kids on summer holidays to manage, and weekend getaways to book.

Now, try fitting the feat of moving houses in there somewhere… it’s near impossible!

But there’s good news if you’re a busy bee this summer. Waiting it out and choosing the off-season to move homes actually has several advantages. In this post, the professionals at New Zealand Movers tell us the range of benefits of moving during the off-season.

Higher availability

Waiting until after the summer has passed can mean higher availability for your preferred moving company. Loads of families want to move during the summer due to their kids being on holiday, and generally having more free time, which causes top-class movers like New Zealand Movers to book out quickly.

If you’re able to hold out a few months, then choosing the autumn or winter period will give you a much higher chance of securing a date with your preferred moving team.

Potential savings

The prices can often increase during the peak season – not just for moving teams, but for other factors, too. Let’s say you need some temporary accommodation while your family moves from one home to the other; the prices of Airbnbs or hotels during the peak season are generally a lot higher than during the off-season. Here, you get the advantage of potential savings when choosing to move in the off-season.

Less traffic on the roads

The roads can get crazy busy in summer. People are rushing around doing their Christmas shopping, heading away on vacation and have more free time on their hands. In the off-season however, traffic can be far less congested – especially if you choose a weekday for moving homes.

Interstate moves are a breeze

During the peak season, it’s inter-province and cross-island moves that can sometimes suffer the most. When you order a Christmas gift online in mid-December, you’ll often find it takes three times as long to be delivered when compared with the off-season.

The same goes for inter-provincial moves during the summer; the traffic can get congested. An advantage of cross-province moving during the off-season is that delays are less common, ensuring you get your belongings delivered to your new home right on time.

Your own schedule is also less busy

And finally, by choosing the off-season to move houses, you’ve got more time to enjoy the summer and focus on family, friends and festivities.

No matter whether you’re moving during peak season or off-season, New Zealand Movers are your team of choice for moving homes. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver a great moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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