When moving houses, it’s only natural to get caught up in the excitement of making new memories in your dream home. You’re thinking of popping champagne to celebrate your housewarming with friends, watching your children play in their new bedrooms, and all the houseplants you’re going to splurge on!

But before all those magical memories are made, you have to take care of the nitty gritty first – and that’s usually where the stress of moving comes into play.

There’s a big misconception around moving houses and being stressed – the two don’t have to go hand-in-hand!

Let’s consult the pros at New Zealand Movers, your first choice for stress-free moves, and outline 5 must-know tips for moving without the stress.

1. Book as early as you can

Time and stress have a close relationship; the later you leave something, the more stressful it becomes. Booking early with your preferred mover is one of the key ways to minimise stress when moving homes. Like leaving exam study to the last minute, or putting off registering your car, there’s no benefit that comes from procrastination!

Aim to book in at least 6-8 weeks early with your preferred moving company. This way, they’ll have a higher chance of availability, and you won’t have to go around calling a bazillion different companies.

2. Make a list of services to inform

It may not be the most fun task on your stress-free moving list, but it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later. Make a list of services you need to inform about the move – your work, government services, insurance provider, private health provider, gyms and social clubs, and anyone else who may want to know.

3. Lighten the load

Feel like there’s a weight on your shoulders? It’s probably all the items in your home that you no longer want or need. Lighten that load by donating your unwanted goods to charity or advertising them on buyers and sellers websites. If you don’t have space for some items in your new home, then make sure to choose a moving service that offers storage facilities, like New Zealand Movers.

4. Take advantage of a comprehensive moving service

Your schedule is busy enough without having to move the entire contents of your home from one place to another. That’s why great moving teams offer full-service moves which include packing, transportation and unpacking, so you can sit back, relax and watch your new home come to life without lifting a finger!

5. Consult an expert

Still feeling stressed about the move? Talking to an expert like the ones at New Zealand Movers will quell any concerns you have. They work with you to plan your move, step by step, taking all the stress out of moving. Grab a quote online from New Zealand Movers today!

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