Wanting to swap your familiar Kiwi town with somewhere grand like London, somewhere hip like Glasgow, or somewhere in a quaint country village in Ireland?

Many Kiwis move to the UK each year, for a whole bunch of reasons including, better job opportunities, working holiday offers, city life, country life, family life, and more!

If you’re considering moving to the UK, here are our top 5 reasons for moving there!

1) Working holidays on special visas

For workers in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and many other industries, working holidays are an option in the UK. It’s almost a rite of passage for Kiwis in their youth to complete a working holiday in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you’re not included if you’ve got a family; plenty of families sign up for working holiday programs in the UK too.

2) Job opportunities

You can’t move abroad if there’s no work for you. But luckily, in the UK, you won’t have that problem. There’s a serious shortage of workers across a range of industries in the UK. From care facility managers to chemical scientists, the UK is in desperate need of your help. Check out this list of shortage occupations from the UK Government’s website. You’ll be surprised just how many positions need to be filled!

3) Culture

Experiencing a different culture in the UK is what many Kiwis aim to achieve. It’s a much bigger place than New Zealand, so there’s a lot more going on. From art galleries in London, to music festivals in Glasgow and sports events in Manchester and Liverpool… the list of cultural experiences in the UK is endless.

4) Family experiences

Moving with kids? You might have a few thoughts about whether the UK is suitable for them, considering cities are larger and life can be more fast paced. But this isn’t always the case! There are plenty of family-friendly suburbs, even in the busiest UK cities like London and Birmingham. Crystal Palace, for example, is a super popular family suburb of London which has access to great schools and wide-open parks.

5) Travel opportunities

Feel like going to Portugal for the weekend? What about Prague for a day? Summer holidays in Croatia? Not to mention the hundreds of other travel opportunities in your backyard, like a weekend in Liverpool, Glasgow or the Irish countryside? Travel opportunities are one of the best reasons for moving to the UK.

Moving to the UK is something you can’t just talk or think about you just must do it! To get you and your belongings to the UK smoothly and stress-free, get in touch with New Zealand Movers. They move Kiwis overseas on a regular basis and are the country’s most trusted, experienced team for international relocations.

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