New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Austin… the list of iconic cultural cities goes on, and on, and on! The United States is a country that would take a lifetime to explore, with its huge population of over 334,000,000 and countless places to tick off the bucket list.

Moving to the USA comes with some serious perks, aside from all the opportunities for sightseeing. There are higher incomes to be earned, quiet residential family areas for you to settle down in, and larger, more affordable houses for you to invest in. Here are our top 5 reasons to move to the USA, brought to you by the international moving specialists at New Zealand Movers.

1) Job opportunities

Depending on your field, there may be many more jobs for you in the US than there are in New Zealand. Arts, media, and entertainment have always had strong job markets in the USA, where New Zealand and Australia are lacking in comparison. There’s also a growing demand for Software Developers, Security Analysts, and Nurses.

2) Houses are cheaper in many areas

In most states in America, housing is a lot cheaper than in New Zealand. If you’re struggling to get into the market lately and want somewhere to call your own, you could be in luck when you move to America. While New Zealand has a median home price of NZ$850,000, the USA’s median home price is far lower at US$374,900 (roughly $572,000 in New Zealand dollars). If you’re looking for a more affordable first home or investment property, moving to the USA could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3) Family life

Even in the busiest of cities like New York and Los Angeles, there are areas that are perfectly suited to family life. There are great schools, beautiful public parks, and playgrounds in these areas; try the suburb of Diamond Bar in Los Angeles, which is known for its family-oriented neighbourhood, or Queens in New York which is well-known for its suburban-style living. Sports events and music-in-the-park concerts are wonderful family outings.

4) Travel opportunities

As we said, it would take a lifetime to travel the USA. So, why not start now? Whether you want a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a weekend in Las Vegas or summer holidays across the border in Mexico, the travel opportunities are abundant. One of the best kept secrets has got to be Cummins Falls State Park in Tennessee, an hour from Nashville. This quiet waterfall is absolutely breathtaking and the perfect end point for a road trip.

5) Get around is easy

The USA is a very accessible nation, with buses, trains and planes that form a network of transportation across the country. Plane tickets are cheap, so visiting different cities is easy and affordable.

Are you sold on moving to the land of opportunity? Get in touch with the international moving experts at New Zealand Movers when you’re ready to relocate to the USA.

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