Downsizing comes with some serious perks. There is less cleaning to do, less gardening duties and you gain a more comfortable, cosy home.

But for many of us, downsizing might not come easily! Most retirees have been on the trajectory of accumulating more belongings their whole life and moving into larger homes – especially if you raised a family that has now left the nest and are looking for a more suitably sized home.

Today, we give you four simple tips to help you nail your downsizing move. Keep reading to find out what the experts at New Zealand Movers have to say!

Tip #1) Think about downsizing your belongings first

Downsizing to a smaller home starts with getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. Most households have a few items such as furniture, sports equipment, clothing, and appliances that are rarely, if not never used. These unwanted items will only slow your moving process down, so if you’re positive you won’t need them in your new place, then it’s a good idea to start looking for their new home.

Giving these belongings away to charity is a great way to quickly move them, but you can also try selling them on online marketplaces such as Trade Me to make a few extra dollars before the move.

Tip #2) Hire a great moving company

So, you’re downsizing your home and moving your belongings to another place. If you’ve gotten rid of a heap of unwanted items, then you’re probably only taking the items that you truly care about. That’s why it’s important to choose a mover you can trust with your favourite belongings. Choose a top-rated moving company like New Zealand Movers when downsizing!

Tip #3) Choose somewhere that offers storage

Another factor when choosing a moving company for downsizing is whether or not they offer storage. This is crucial if you’re not going to be able to fit all of your belongings in your new, smaller home but don’t want to part with them.

It works out to be more cost-effective and convenient to book with a moving company that offers both moving and storage. When you go through a full-scale moving service, they keep all of your stuff under one file number, so there’s zero chance of any items being misplaced.

Tip #4) Book in advance

Don’t forget to book in advance when you’re downsizing. Because you’ll likely require storage services, you will need to book in around 8-10 weeks in advance, if possible. This way, your moving company will be more likely to fit you in.

New Zealand Movers are your go-to team for downsizing homes. They’ve got professionally trained movers, purpose-built furniture trucks that can hold up to three households in a single journey, and plenty of space available in their fully secured, customs bonded storage facilities.

And on top of that, they’re proud to deliver the best services for the best value. Get in touch with New Zealand Movers for a free no-obligation quote today. Call: 0800 000 022


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