There are so many benefits of living in an apartment, rather than a unit, townhouse or house. Firstly, you’ve got less space, so it’s much easier to work with what you’ve got and make your apartment look fab. Secondly, they’re so much easier to keep clean! And thirdly, you get a true sense of living a cosmopolitan lifestyle, because presumably you’re in the city, or close to it. So, before you’re popping open bottles of champagne in your cosy place, here are a few essential things to tick off when you move.


No matter where we live, we need furniture like tables, chairs and beds. Apartments are usually smaller than homes, so you’ll find that less furniture takes up a lot more space than it would in a house. This means you should check off a few things before going out and getting your furniture.

  • Measurements
    Pay more attention to measurements when buying furniture in your apartment. You want to avoid buying a sofa that’s too big for your lounge room.
  • Lift size
    Make sure you can fit your furniture into the lift, if that’s what you’re using to transport your stuff to your apartment. Most apartments in NZ don’t come with those neat little hooks like what they have in the Netherlands.


Your kitchen should be fully stocked with all the utensils and crockery you need to make and enjoy your meals. Here are some of the essential things to consider

  • Kitchen space
    Just like with your furniture, you don’t want to overdo it with your kitchen goods if you have limited kitchen space. Make sure you’ve set everything up as efficiently and ergonomically as possible so that you’re economising on space.
  • Logical layout
    Conserve your time when making meals in the kitchen by laying out your utensils logically.


The bathroom is one of the most-frequented rooms in an apartment. There are little differences between house bathrooms and apartment bathrooms, but if your bathroom doesn’t have towel racks, we suggest rolling up your towels and putting a bathroom fern next to them for perfect presentation.

To-Do List

Make sure you’ve written these tasks down on your to-do list before moving into an apartment:

  • Organise electricity and gas
  • Organise internet
  • Redirect post to your new place
  • Organise contents insurance

Book in with New Zealand Movers

And last, but not least, make a booking with New Zealand Movers to make all of this happen. They’re New Zealand’s best team of movers and packers, helping you get into your new apartment as smoothly, reliably and affordably as possible. Get in touch with NZ Movers and make the move towards your new apartment.

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