Feel like wandering the crowded streets of Shinjuku on your lunch break? What about climbing the Great Wall of China on your day off? Or visiting the Taj Mahal when you get the chance? Sounds like you’re ready to make the move to the world’s largest and most populous continent: Asia! There are about a thousand reasons why moving to Asia is something you should do, but we won’t write you a thesis. Instead, we’re going to boil all those reasons down to our top five, and then we’ll let you know who to call to make your move to Asia happen.

1) Culture change

If you feel like getting out of New Zealand, and you really want to experience somewhere different, then you simply must move to Asia. Sure, you could move to Europe or America or Canada, and you’d see a slight change in the culture, but other Western countries share a much similar culture with New Zealand than any country in Asia does. Moving to Asia means you’ll get to see a completely different way of life – something that most New Zealanders won’t get the chance to experience.

2) The people

Asian people are known for being warm, funny, welcoming and hospitable. Even if there are language barriers, you’ll find that you’ll meet people and make friends without any trouble. It’s rare for Asian people to meet a New Zealander, so you’ll be a total novelty to them!

3) The food

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, with Asian food being a particular weak spot of yours, then strap yourself in for a food journey of a lifetime. Every single country in Asia has an entirely unique cuisine, let alone the different regions within those countries. The naan in Northern India, the sashimi in Sapporo, the kimchi in Korea… you won’t be able to go anywhere without being tempted by delicious, authentic (and inexpensive) food.

4) The atmosphere

If you thought Auckland was a hoot on a Saturday night, get ready to see what real liveliness is. Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta… these are all cities with millions and millions of people, many times the size of New Zealand itself. In other words, these cities never sleep. There’s always a party when you move to Asia.

5) Moving into your apartment with NZ Movers.

Apartment living is the most common form of accommodation in most Asian cities. It may take some adjusting and reorganising if you’re used to living in a house. But with New Zealand Movers, they’ll help you massively in that department. NZ Movers have helped countless Kiwis pack up their bags and head to Asia for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They’ve helped Kiwis navigate language barriers and get their belongings to their new Asian city, reliably and affordably – or, if their apartment can’t fit all their belongings, NZ Movers offer storage services too. As New Zealand’s most experienced team in international moves, NZ Movers are your go-to team for moving to Asia. Get in touch on 0800 000 022 and start your journey sooner.

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