The flashing lights of Broadway, golden Venice Beach, the Hollywood sign calling your name – it’s a party in the USA! What can we say about the third largest country on Earth? With over 330 million people, there’s never a dull moment when you move to America. Thousands of cities, millions of people and opportunities are waiting for you to discover them. So, if it’s time for a change of pace, and you think you might like to swap New Zealand for New York, then here are 5 great reasons to do it!

1) Time for adventure

Everyone knows that the USA is one giant playground. It’d probably take you an entire lifetime to discover all that America has to offer. There’s a reason they call New York City the ‘concrete jungle’, for example: it’s so easy to get lost inside it. If you’ve been missing that feeling of wanderlust, then moving America is the best thing you can do to scratch that itch – you’ll always be left with a feeling of wanting more.

2) Endless choices of lifestyle

Being such a vast place, there’s literally endless choices when it comes to lifestyle in the USA. If you feel like experiencing a mega metropolis, then Los Angeles, New York and Chicago should be plenty big enough to tick that box. Feel like being somewhere less mind-bogglingly large, but still an important cultural capital? Think about San Francisco, New Orleans or Seattle. And if you’ve always dreamed of life away from the big cities, there’s plenty of rural places too.

3) Catch a sports game

The USA is a sporting nation, just like Australia, and although their sport looks quite different to ours, we can guarantee you’ll still have fun. There’s baseball, basketball and NFL to look forward. With almost 1000 sports stadiums across the country, the US has the highest number of sporting facilities in the world, so we can be sure you won’t miss out on a good game.

4) Road trips galore

The USA is the ultimate road trip nation. It’s pretty much where great road trips were born! Jump in the car and meander through the vast country, seeing sights like Mount Rushmore, the Great Canyon and Yosemite National Park. Planning the road trip is one of the best parts, so make sure you do your research.

5) Work opportunities and moving with NZ Movers

If you’re moving to the US for work, there are plenty of opportunities for you. With a population of over 300 million people, you’ll slot right into your place in society. And when you need a top quality mover, experienced in international moves, you need NZ Movers. They’re NZ’s experts on international relocation, having helped hundreds of Kiwis just like you make the move to the USA. Get in touch with their team to organise a quote and get one step closer to living the American dream.

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