It’s not every day that you move houses in Dunedin, so it’s easy to see why there is so much riding on your moving company. Choosing the right moving company is an important task. You have to do your research, look at their reviews and see if their services cater to your needs. Your choice of moving service can have long-term effects – so it’s an important one to get right.

Luckily, New Zealand Movers are here to help. We outline how to choose house movers in Dunedin, showing you all the attributes of a premier moving service.

Choosing experience

How much experience does your Dunedin moving company have to boast? This is one of the first questions we should ask ourselves when hiring movers. An experienced moving team knows what they’re doing in terms of packing, storing, and unpacking your belongings. Experienced movers learn tricks of the trade which allow them to maximise truck space, save time and therefore save you money. Improper packing due to inexperience, for example, can result in broken goods, which may bring about an insurance claim that takes months to finalise. New Zealand Movers have over 40 years of experience in moving houses in Dunedin and beyond, making us one of the country’s most experienced teams.

Choosing cross-disciplinary movers

When looking for the right moving company in Dunedin, it’s best to choose a cross-disciplinary moving team. This means a team that can move houses, businesses, conduct local or international moves. It’s a sign of their commitment and experience in the industry, and that they’ve had years to slowly grow and expand their services. For New Zealand Movers, this has meant offering international relocations, business relocations and house moving services too.

Solid insurance policies

For those rare moments when things don’t go as planned, your house movers in Dunedin should have comprehensive and transparent insurance policies. While it’s unlikely for an experienced moving team to break or damage one of your belongings, you have the peace of mind of comprehensive insurance policies. This way, you can book your moving date with complete confidence and have zero worries.

Managed secure storage facilities

Secure, convenient storage facilities are another element to look for when moving houses in Dunedin. These come with choosing an experienced moving team like New Zealand Movers. Send your belongings straight to the storage facility from your current house, and remove them when you’ve reconfigured your new home. New Zealand Movers have recently opened their brand new office and storage facility in Mosgiel offering world class solar powered storage solutions and worldwide moving services.

Calling Dunedin your new home starts by reaching out to the experts at New Zealand Movers. We take immense pride in providing the finest professional relocation services nationwide, ensuring your move is a seamless and stress-free experience. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at New Zealand Movers for a personalised quote today.

New Zealand Movers are your team of choice for affordable removals in Dunedin. They’re here for Kiwis far and wide, across the island or across the globe. Wherever you are, you can count on New Zealand Movers for those new-family-member moments, the time-to-downsize moments, the ‘I-got-the-job!’ moments and the time-for-a-change moments. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are proud to deliver a premium moving experience to take the stress out of relocation. Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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