If you’re moving in or out of a luxury property, you don’t want just any regular team of movers to do the job. Instead, you need a premium team of movers who can specialise in luxury homes, treating your belongings with the utmost care. Here’s why New Zealand Movers are your go-to team for luxury properties in Auckland.

New Zealand Movers pack with the utmost diligence

Luxury properties aren’t something that any regular team of movers can handle. These homes are often larger and contain more high-value belongings.

Sure, every mover will have insurance so that if something is damaged, it’s automatically covered for. But what if that item has immense sentimental value and monetary reimbursement is unable to truly replace it? That’s why you need to select a first-class team of movers with the right techniques, quality packing material, and work ethic to handle your luxury property relocation in Auckland.

New Zealand Movers have the experience

Driving a luxury car isn’t like driving a regular car. They’re of a higher calibre and it’s generally more stressful at first because you’ve never had such a large responsibility on your hands.

It’s exactly the same as handling a luxury property relocation. Movers need experience in handling delicate, valuable items. The only way to guarantee that your luxury property relocation goes smoothly is to hire a team of experts who have performed countless luxury moves. New Zealand Movers have handled some of Auckland’s most prestigious properties in suburbs such as:

  • Ponsonby
  • Herne Bay
  • Parnell
  • Takapuna
  • St Mary’s Bay
  • Stanley Point
  • Remuera
  • Epsom
  • Mission Bay
  • Devonport
  • And many other premium suburbs in Auckland

Not only do New Zealand Movers have high-trained professional packers they also have the most up to date packing materials and custom creating to ensure all your specialty items are packed with the utmost care.

New Zealand Movers have moved luxury homeowners all over the world

What’s more is that New Zealand Movers aren’t just experienced in moving luxury homes within Auckland or New Zealand – they’re experienced in global moves for luxury properties. Whether you’re moving across the ditch and setting up shop in Sydney or Melbourne, or heading further away, New Zealand Movers have the know-how in international moves for luxury homeowners.

Moving a luxury property may seem stressful at first, but when you talk to the team at New Zealand Movers, you’ll see that all you need is a team who have the experience and training for luxury moves. New Zealand Movers are the country’s most trusted movers for luxury home relocations in Auckland and beyond. Get in touch with their team of specialist movers to get settled into your new luxury home sooner.

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