Millennials are a generation of people who are constantly on the go. They’re hungry to work, and they don’t mind chasing jobs in different cities or countries to boost their career and get the experience they need. A naturally explorative bunch, Millennials love travel and have a thirst for culturally enriching experiences.

So, where does this all lead us to? If you’re a millennial and moving for the first, second or third time, here’s how to absolutely nail your moving experience.

Think wisely about location

Millennials are naturally pretty good at choosing great locations. Whether it’s a hip, vibrant part of the city or somewhere a little further out where rent is more affordable and the air is fresh, Millennials tend to be all over it. It’s essential, though, to think practically if you’re moving to a new suburb or, especially, a new city.

The main things to consider when looking for a great location are:

  • Distance to work
  • Distance to nearby services, e.g., supermarkets, doctors, shopping centres, petrol stations, and restaurants
  • Proximity to friends and family
  • Safety of the neighbourhood

Distance from your place of work is one of the most important considerations. If your dream suburb is a 1.5-hour drive in peak hour traffic or doesn’t have appropriate public transport, it may be best to choose somewhere a little closer.

1. Make yourself comfortable

Even for the most courageous of us, moving to a new country, city, or even suburb can be kind of daunting at first. That’s why it’s so important to be comfortable in your new home right off the bat so that you settle in quicker.

A new job and new town can take a while to get used to, which is why feeling comfortable at home is the first step. This entails bringing as many of your possessions as you can. Furniture, décor, crockery, appliances, cutlery – all of these things will help you normalise life in your new home and, eventually, city.

2. Invest in storage if needed

It’s normal for young folk to have a fair amount of furniture for their age. Having somewhere to put it is the hard part. If you find that your next home can’t house all of your furniture straightaway, then don’t worry! You don’t have to get rid of your fantastic mid-century dresser which you found on Facebook Marketplace – all you have to do is find a moving company that offers storage, like New Zealand Movers.

3. Choose the best team of movers

Finally, you won’t get far if you don’t have a team of top-quality movers on your side. New Zealand Movers are an incredibly experienced team of professional movers that offer complete door-to-door moving services. From local moves to international relocations, New Zealand Movers continue to help millennials who are chasing a career, a relationship or simply a change of pace. Get in touch with New Zealand Movers and arrange a quote today.

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