New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world. We’ve got it very lucky when it comes to economic stability, human rights, healthcare systems and so much more. And while we love it here, there’s one thing that can be viewed as a drawback: the rain.

Even if you love the rainy weather, if you’re moving houses, it can definitely start to worry you. Are you still able to move homes if it’s raining all day? Or will you have to cancel everything and start all over again?

Thankfully, that won’t be the case (if you choose an expert moving team like New Zealand Movers). Here’s how the team at NZ Movers are able to deliver smooth moves during rainy weather.

Expertly trained crew

The crew at New Zealand Movers are expertly trained for moving during all types of weather from rain or shine, snow or sleet. They use the right techniques to keep your furniture dry and your home clean during wet weather.

Keeping your home clean

One thing that many homeowners stress about when moving in rainy weather is their home getting messy. A less reputable team of movers might track muddy steps through your house, dirtying the floorboards or, worse, staining your carpet. This is something that simply won’t happen with New Zealand Movers, and you can be guaranteed that your home will be left as clean as it was before your movers stepped foot in it.

Keeping your belongings dry

Keeping your stuff dry is a priority for the team at New Zealand Movers – even when it’s bucketing down outside. Your moving crew do everything they can to ensure your belongings are protected from the rain when they’re taken out of your home.

Waterproof tarps are often employed when it’s raining outside. These large, plastic coverings are big enough for any couch or table, ensuring that not a drop of rain affects your furniture. The same goes for expensive electrical items like televisions – these items will be covered at all times when removed from your home in the rain.

Moving trucks

While trucks are supposed to be waterproof, this isn’t always the case. With some of the lower-end moving companies, you can’t be sure that they’ve conducted thorough maintenance on their truck cabins. This could lead to cabin leaks which have dire consequences for your belongings.

All of the vehicles at New Zealand Movers are regularly inspected for roof leaks. You won’t have to worry about your belongings when they’re in transit, thanks to the diligent work of the inspections team at New Zealand Movers.

Rain or shine, New Zealand Movers get you into your new home smoothly and securely. They’re the country’s finest team of movers and packers, offering you the best moving service for the best price. Get in touch with New Zealand Movers today and beat the wet weather on your next move. Call today.

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