Moving overseas from Wellington is an exciting time, but given the gravity of this life-changing moment, it’s imperative that we plan it carefully. International relocations are huge moments in our lives. We’re packing up everything we own and moving it across the world. So, when you’re moving from Wellington to another part of the world, how can you best ensure a smooth, successful relocation?

The team at New Zealand Movers have the answers. Here is a comprehensive guide for moving from Wellington to the world:

  • Preparing for the move
    Preparing for an international relocation requires a lot of research. We have to understand the country we’re moving to and the requirements they have of New Zealanders. Visas, work permits, job offers, banking and medical systems are all at the top of the list. You also have to know what documents are required when you apply for your visa, i.e. birth certificates, government-issued IDs, police checks. Make sure you’re prepared for the move by researching in-depth the documents you need.
  • Housing and accommodation
    Finding somewhere to live is the next step when moving from Wellington. Many Kiwis choose to find temporary accommodation in their new country like hotels or Airbnbs before searching for a place to live long term when they arrive. If you require storage either in New Zealand or overseas during the moving process, New Zealand Movers can assist.
  • Logistics
    And now, the fun part! New Zealand Movers is here to ship or air freight your belongings from Wellington to overseas. We recommend using our packing services, as international moving requires specific packing methods for a secure move. Your belongings have thousands of kilometers to travel, and even one mistake can affect multiple belongings, possibly resulting in damage.
  • Education opportunities
    If you’re travelling with young children, their education is paramount. Make sure you’ve done your research on areas with good schools, public or private, and if you’re moving somewhere where English isn’t the primary language, you may like to investigate international schools.
  • Employment
    Whether you’re moving with a pre-guaranteed job offer, or looking for work when you arrive, both are viable options. If taking the second route, make sure you have enough savings to sustain you while you’re looking for work.
  • Healthcare
    Navigating the healthcare system of your new country is another important aspect of moving overseas. In Wellington, New Zealand, our healthcare system is easy to use; it may not be the case in the country you’re moving to. Become familiar with their protocols before you arrive.

New Zealand Movers are Wellington’s best team of international movers. We have over 40 years’ experience in international moves and have moved Kiwis to and from every corner of the globe. Offering the best professional moving service in the country, New Zealand Movers are passionate about moving! Get in touch with the friendly team at New Zealand Movers and ask for a quote today.

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