Though it can be stressful, moving is an exciting and fast-paced time in our lives. It represents the closing of one chapter in our life and the opening of another. A new street, a new neighbourhood, new neighbours and maybe even a new country! But although it’s a rewarding experience, there’s one aspect of moving that everybody wishes they could just skip: packing. Packing is time-consuming and hard work. And sometimes, you just wish that someone could do it for you.

Well, you’re in luck. You might have wondered; can the movers pack your stuff up for you? We say they absolutely should. This is called a full service move and below we’ll take a look at the benefits of movers packing for you.


If you haven’t had much practice at something, then you probably won’t be much good at it. Unless you’re Nick Kyrgios and can maintain a top 20 position in professional tennis with just 15 minutes of practise a day. Look it up, it’s true. But most of us aren’t like that. We need lots of practice at things to get good at them. This is why professional packers can pack stuff with much more efficiency and aptitude than the rest of us. These guys practise their craft every day and have an almost instinctual knowledge of how to pack your stuff. While it may take you three days to pack all the bedrooms up, it may take a couple of professional packers only half a day.


Letting movers pack for you is a great idea if you’re concerned about the strenuous physical activity involved in packing your belongings. Bending down, squatting, lifting, pushing, pulling… these activities can lead to serious back injuries if not performed correctly. Throw in a pre-existing physical disability or medical condition, and you’re heading towards a disaster. In this case, your moving company should be at your rescue. They’re trained in all of the require manoeuvres and won’t get injured when they pack your stuff for you.

Packing materials

When your movers pack your belongings, they bring all the nice little extras. Large moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape – all of that jazz. While it may be lots of effort to go out and get all this stuff yourself, for your moving company it’s all in one place! These materials help protect your stuff during the move, so if you have delicate items then getting your movers to pack for you is definitely worth it.

If your moving company is a highly regarded one, then yes: they should absolutely be able to pack for you. At NZ Movers, packing is a popular request from customers – one that is met with satisfaction each and every single time. If you’re after the most efficient professional packing service, NZ Movers are here to sort you out. Contact the team to arrange a quote today!

Can Movers Pack For You