You’ve got a heap of stuff to move from your old house to your new house. Most of it will fit in the new house, but if some of it won’t and you don’t want to get rid of it, then what the heck are you supposed to do with it? You could be the worst son or daughter in the world and ask to keep it at your folks’ place. That’s a free service, but you’ll have to pay the price of being nagged about your stuff every time you go to visit them. You could also be the worst friend in the world and ask a mate to store it at their place. That’s free too, although you can’t guarantee that their kids or pets won’t sneak into the spare room and go to town on your belongings.

So, if neither of those are good options, what else can you do? Thankfully, there is a way. Some movers (only the really top-notch ones like NZ Movers) offer a storage service for this exact scenario, keeping you, your parents and your friends happy. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to choose a moving company who can store your stuff.

Cheaper than hiring two different companies

In most cases, it’s cheaper to go with the same company for both moving your stuff and storing it too. If your movers are absolute top blokes and blokettes, like they are at NZ Movers, they’ll be able to look after you if you enlist them for both moving and storage services. Hiring two different companies also means you’ll be slapped with two different bills rather than one at the end of your moving and storage journey.

There’s no changing of hands

Hiring the same company for movers and storage means that there’s no changing of hands when handling your stuff. Everything is straightforward, easy and streamlined. There’s no confusion about where the stuff has to go and when it has to arrive. Think about the annoying situation that would unfold if, on the off chance, something was misplaced during the move. You’d have to call two different companies, possibly multiple times to get down to the bottom of where your stuff went. With New Zealand Movers, you won’t have to worry about that happening.

It’s easier

Usually, if one option is cheaper, it’s not usually easier, right? Not in this case. It’s so much easier to let your moving company store your stuff if they offer a storage service. You only have to make one call to arrange both services, and then you’re set!

When asking whether or not movers can store your stuff, the answer is pretty simple: yes, if they’re a good moving company. A team of helpful professional movers like NZ Movers will always be able to store your stuff if you can’t fit all your belongings into your new home. Don’t ask your mates or your family – ask your other family at NZ Movers to help you out with storing your stuff. Contact the team today to arrange a quote!

Can Movers Store Your Stuff