There are many instances in which you can’t disassemble furniture yourself before moving houses. You could be strapped for time, with work and other commitments getting in the way of disassembling your belongings. You could have a disability or medical condition which prevents you from moving heavy objects. Or, you might just be uncomfortable with disassembling your furniture yourself and want to make sure that your stuff is in the hands of a pro. Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer tries to put his outdoor barbecue together? Yeah, we want to avoid something like that…

So, the question is, can your movers disassemble your furniture for you? If you’ve hired a good moving company, then the answer should be “yes”. Let’s go through a few reasons why your moving company should disassemble furniture for you and why, if they won’t, it might be a good reason to make a switch.

Time constraints

You have a million things to do in the week before your move. A million and one might just drive you over the cliff of sanity. Getting ready to move houses is one of the busiest periods of our lives, with a crazy amount of documents to sign, emails to write, rooms to clean and calls to make. So, it’s totally fair enough if time constraints are getting in the way of disassembling furniture. If that’s the case, let your movers do it for you!

Physical limitations

If you suffer from a medical condition or a disability, then it’s definitely best to let your movers disassemble your furniture. Sure, if you try to do it yourself you might save yourself a few bucks. But what would that be worth if you were seriously injured while disassembling a large wardrobe or vanity? Your safety must always come first, and that’s why all high-quality moving companies should be able to disassemble your furniture for you.

Letting a professional handle it

Not everybody feels comfortable with taking apart their massive pieces of furniture themselves. Furniture can be complicated to disassemble: especially if we’re talking about bed frames with in-built drawers and other complex items. Professional movers disassemble furniture all the time and have the knowledge and experience to tackle almost any piece of furniture. So, to guarantee that your stuff isn’t damaged during disassembly, hire your mover to do it.

Which moving company disassembles furniture?

You may have called a heap of moving companies who told you they won’t disassemble furniture. Well, that sucks… but luckily, New Zealand Movers have come to your rescue. NZ Movers are happy to disassemble your furniture before you move. This includes dining tables, bed frames, vanities, wardrobes: the lot. Whether you’re moving streets, moving islands or moving countries, NZ Movers can disassemble your furniture to ensure it gets to where it’s going in one piece. Get in touch with the team at NZ Movers today to organise a quote.

Can Movers Disassemble Furniture