Planning is the key to success, and it’s applicable to most things in life – including such an important life decision like moving houses. If you don’t succeed in planning your move, then it’s impossible for your moving experience to be successful either. So, to avoid a stressful move, here are 5 tips you need to employ during the planning stages.

1) Make lists

Lists are a great way to organise the way you move. To-do lists, purchase lists, get-rid-of lists: the list of lists goes on. These are all great ways to have something tangible in front of you which guides you through your moving journey.

2) Clean your new place before moving in

Another pro tip: clean your new place before moving day, not afterwards! Having no belongings in the house is the best time to clean it because there are no obstructions. It’s also nice to get settled into a fresh new place when it’s lovely and clean.

3) Book ahead

The best way to ensure your move is not a complete and utter disaster is to leave it till last minute to book the moving company. So, how do we avoid this? Write your to-do list, that you need to book your moving company.

4) Get rid of things you don’t need

One of the most satisfying tasks is getting having a clear out and getting rid of things you don’t need. Broken treadmill covered in cobwebs in the shed? Donate it. Air fryer that you were given last Christmas but have never used? Re-gift. Collection of clothes you don’t wear anymore? Op shop. There’s nothing better than clearing up the house in the lead up to the move.

5) Choose the right mover

You can’t just choose any mover – you’ve got to choose the best one possible. This is where the team at New Zealand Movers enters the picture and saves the day.

NZ Movers are one of New Zealand’s most dedicated, diligent and versatile teams of movers and packers. They can help you move whether you’re a single student heading off to a different city to study, or a family of five who’s looking for a bigger place. NZ Movers pride themselves on delivering the best quality service at competitive prices, so call them up and grab a quote today.

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