Moving house requires so much planning! Luckily, the right moving company really takes the hassle and the stress out of the whole drudgery. The best way to begin the process is by starting a list. Consider whether you need your movers to pack your furniture. Do you need them to unpack your furniture? Do you want your moving company to take your furniture apart and reassemble it? Disassembling furniture during your move is often overlooked, but it is essential if you are short on time and manpower.

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Ask About Furniture Disassembly First

Remember to ask the moving company first before assuming that they can take your furniture apart as they will need to bring additional equipment. If you don’t ask your movers ahead of time to take your furniture apart, you could incur additional costs for the extra time taken to disassemble it.

Some furniture is difficult to take apart and even more difficult to reassemble successfully. It could be said that there’s an art to it, but if your moving company is committed and happy to offer the service, it’s a service which is worth asking and paying for.

Why Disassemble Furniture?

Not all furniture can be taken apart, but what can be taken apart should be and there are several reasons for this. Other than potentially making your life easier, there are risks involved in not asking your moving company to take your furniture apart.

Why you need to take your furniture apart:

  • If your furniture is not taken apart, it will take up additional space in the moving truck, potentially taking up space which could be used for other items.
  • Disassembled furniture can more easily be packed into custom-sized boxes and crates which are reinforced, ultimately offering your beloved items better protection during your move.
  • It makes loading easier and faster.

Will They Reassemble Your Furniture?

Taking your furniture apart may be simple enough, but will your moving company reassemble it? Just as you need to ask them to pack your belongings into boxes and unpack them, you also need to ask them to put your furniture back together again. If they provide the disassembly service, they are more than likely to put it all back together again for you. This saves you the confusion and stress of reassembling it, as movers are old hands at this, and they are far less likely to struggle.

If They Don’t Disassemble, What Are Your Other Options?

Some companies do not offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services; this isn’t a disaster though. Ask the moving company how they move and handle furniture which is not taken apart. They might wrap soft furnishings, tables and chairs in heavy gauge plastic and protective foam wrapping instead, along with offering custom crating for more delicate items. Your primary concerns will be whether they can easily move the furniture in and out of your home, how they will wrap it, how they will transport it, and what the effect will be on the total cost of your move.

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